28 05 2011

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a very devout Catholic.  So, sometimes I get comments or questions which I try to answer to the best of my knowledge which really isn’t much.  But a lady asked me recently why Catholics worship Mary.  I have had this question before from Protestant friends.  I will try to answer it once again.

Catholics do not worship Mary, nor do they adore Her.  They also do not ever put her above Jesus Christ.

Mary is an intercessor for all who would pray to her.  When we pray to The Blessed Virgin Mary, we are simply asking her to ask her Son to do something for us.  That is the reason why we pray the Rosary.  It is a repetition of prayers to Mary asking her to intercede for us for whatever it is we want.  Or need.  Or would like to thank Jesus for.

That is the reason we pray to various Saints also.  We are just simply asking them to intercede for us with prayer to God for whatever our request might be.

As example, if  I had a friend that could  loan me money,   I know that if I went to his mother and asked her to intercede for me, she probably would.  And this would make it easier for me to ask my friend for the money, and easier for him to loan it to me.  This is all that we are doing with Mary.  We are asking her as Jesus’ Mother, to please ask him for something for us.

Catholics do not ever worship or adore Mary.  We just know that if we ask her to intercede for us, she will answer our prayers and ask her Son on our behalf for our request.  And for that intercession, we are most grateful.





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