26 05 2011

I have had another of those fun filled days that I look forward to so much.  Just one laugh after another.  I thought I was being so smart.  As usual.

I have this braided rug that was  getting pretty dirty and I was sick of looking at it.  Have been trying to find another one like it and have had no luck so far.  So – since we have had so much rain lately and the weather man said it was supposed to rain again this afternoon, I decided what I would do.  I would just wash the thing.  So I put it on my deck and found my scrub brush and mixed up some detergent in some warm water and I was all set.  Got down on my knees and scrubbed it with the soapy brush.  Both sides.  Then, the weather man man on the television set assured me – again – that we would have lots of rain this afternoon.  I was planning on the rain to rinse the rug and then I would hang it across the bannister to dry in the sun and wow! a brand new clean rug.

Know what?  It rained about three drops and that was it.  The wind blew a lot and blew those dark clouds right out of sight.  Now, the weather man on the television says it won’t be raining for at least a week or ten days.  Meanwhile, my rug is lying on the deck all filled with soap I’m sure.  I don’t have any way of rinsing it and getting the soap out of it.  So guess it will just have to lie on the deck until it rains.  The whole country has rain, but not my deck.   Oh no, not here.  Not after I scrubbed the rug.  No way.

Oh well, I’ll just have to live with it like it or not.  No rain.  No rinse.  No finish rug.  Meanwhile, I’ll just laugh every time I think about how smart I am – again.