15 05 2011

You might have seen it plastered on all the news reports this morning that this Catholic professor at some college somewhere said that John Boehner is immoral in his plans to cut the budget. Well, in the first place, I would never presume to call anyone immoral.    And in the second place, that important professor was NOT speaking for the Catholic Church no more than I am speaking for the Catholic Church.  Although the news made it look as though he was, he most definitely was not.  And he wasn’t speaking for most Catholics either.

He stated that John Boehner’s budget cuts were immoral because we should all be obligated to take care of the poor.  Bull!  I do not feel that I have to take care of the poor anymore.  I am sorry that some people have a hard time, but it is time they looked out for themselves the best they can.  We all know that a lot of those so-called poor are not poor at all.

It is my contention that people all have the opportunity to work.  If they want to work, they can find a job.  Not what they want maybe, but they will find a job if they show that they are willing and able to work.  When President Johnson started this Great Society of his, he should have put some brakes on it somewhere.  I am all for giving opportunities to everyone, no matter what color they are.  Everyone should have the same chance to build their lives.

But then, I am also all for parents feeding their children every day of the year.  I am all for them clothing their own children and providing a warm place for them to sleep and making sure they are healthy and happy in their lives.  Doesn’t take a lot of money to do that.  Every animal species feeds their own.  But not humans anymore.  They get them up, push them out the door, and go on about their lives.  The children are fed at school. In some cases, they are even washed at school.  Some children never change their clothes.  They sleep in what they are wearing and get up and go again in the same outfit they wore the day before and sometimes have worn all week.  Some mothers even bring their children to the free daycares while still in their pajamas.   Then they go home to play all day while their children are fed by someone else.

Don’t get me wrong.  I would be in favor of always making sure children have good food to eat.  But I very definitely feel that it is the responsibility of those parents to feed their own children.  And I am all in favor of those parents getting a job and doing a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.  I knew of one man who complained for 50 years afterwards that he walked the streets during the Great Depression looking for a job.  He never could find one.  That was not true.  He didn’t want to work and that was why he could never find a job.  Instead, he would go sit on the bench at the corner or on the courthouse lawn and visit with whoever would visit with him.  Then he would go home and complain about how he never could find a job.  His wife worked full time and that was how they got by.  But he was still complaining all his days about walking the streets looking for a job.  Bull!

So for the professor who states that John Boehner is immoral because of the cuts he suggests being made in the national budget, I say Bull!  Those cuts need to be made.  If not, we soon won’t have a budget to cut anymore.  Time for everyone to tighten their belts a notch and say – ‘this is it’.  No more freebie life.  No more someone else taking care of your family for you.  It is your turn to do what you should have done all along.  Get a job.  Go to work.  Feed your family.  Take care of yourself and your family.   It is your job.  Not the government’s job.  Not everyone else’s job.   Yours!