14 05 2011

Everybody wants things.  In fact wanting is one of those curses of life.   Always wanting something seems to go along with just being alive.  That is until you reach a certain age and then suddenly you really don’t want things much anymore.  You come to realize that things are not what makes your world go round.

By the time you have reached many years past maturity, things become less and less important.  People become more and more important.  You now have the house and the car and the other things that you have always wished for.  You have a closet full of clothes that you will probably never wear again.  And there is no more room in your life for another hobby or another computer or another anything.  Things have suddenly lost their value.

Somehow things have reversed.  Now you would like to unload some of those things.  Give away some of those clothes, get a smaller house, buy a more efficient car.  What happened?  Who knows.

It takes a lot of upkeep to take care of all those things you have accumulated over the years.  The house is too big, no more big family around to fill it up.  Something always needs a little repair.   If you have acquired a pool, it costs more and more to keep it up.  If you have a few extra rooms, somehow they have to be heated and cooled along with the rest of the big house you always wanted.  If you drive a big, fancy car, it takes a lot of gas these days and seems to go slower and slower compared to those zippy new ones you see on the road.  And those clothes hanging in the closet just take up a lot of room.  Some need to be pressed and who wants to do that anymore.  Easier to put on a pair of jeans to run to the grocery store than to dress nicely.

That beautiful yard that you worked so hard on seems to have lost some of its beauty this year.  Maybe it is just because you don’t want to weed or feed anymore.  Might be more fun to just out for lunch instead.  Those flowers are really pretty, but, oh well, you know.

So think about it before you invest a lot in those things you think you want.  That big house payment just gets bigger over the years.  And, as I said, upkeep is a real problem when you get older and cannot change all those light bulbs or wash all those windows.  At this time, you are not even interested in running the vacuum anymore.  Rather read a good book or watch an interesting tv show.

Life changes.  People change.  And those things change, too.  Remember that before you spend and spend on those things you think you want today.  You might not really want them tomorrow.