13 05 2011

Back again with my story of writing.  After I wrote the book A Better World and had it printed, I formed a corporation in hopes I might just sell some books some day.  Still have the corporation.  Not particularly famous yet.  But I will be.  No doubt about that!  Always have an optimistic viewpoint.  Gives you something to laugh about later. Anyway, some people really did like the book and I actually sold a few of them.

I had written about my family at one time and my sister and brother both really liked having it.  They  mentioned I should write more of that, so I decided to write another book.  I had quite a family.  My mother came from a family of 9 children and there was always something pretty interesting going on.  I learned a lot while growing up and had a lot of fun in the process.  So after everyone else was in bed each night, I would write a little dab on the book 2503.  That was my address when I was growing up.  Not a particularly good title for a book, but it is what I named it anyway.  I gave away some copies and sold some.  People were stopping me to tell me how much they enjoyed the book and how they laughed at this or that.  I enjoyed that part and it was fun to talk to the different people about it.  Then I sent out an email to all my high school classmates and sold quite a few.  I had printed 500 originally and am about out of them now.  2503 is on Kindle now.  I know absolutely nothing about this  computer stuff.  My grandson is helping me.  He says he will also put the book on eBooks and other sites.

Anyway, with success stabbing me in the back, I followed up 2503 with In The 1940’s  about the World War II  years and the impact it had on our lives then.  I sold quite a few of those, too.   I keep my books  small so I can have them stapled instead of bound.  If bound, the books would have cost me about $18 apiece to print.  With stapling, the cost is only about $4.  Big difference.  I try to put history in the story along with the feeling of being in the family, complete with the individual feelings of the times.

I continued with my writing with the next one being The Wonderful 1950’s.  This one also sold o.k.    It spanned the 1950’s obviously and told about my transition from a child to an adult with a family and the changes in all our lives as the world seemed to change.  All my books are on It costs a lot more to mail them and the printing has gone up over the years, but the price is still pretty cheap for a couple of hours entertainment.  I try to keep all the books light and fun, giving a good read for anyone.  There aren’t a lot of  fun books out there these days, so I hope I fill a void of some sort and make someone smile or even laugh out loud at the stories.

I am now working on a book about the  success  my husband had.  He almost destroyed himself and all of us by being a full fledged alcoholic.  Then he got his act together and was able to build his own business and become a well respected member of the community.  I do not dwell on the alcoholic side of the story but instead try to show that it is possible to come from the bottom of the ladder of life and attain a successful life.  If he could do it, anyone can.

And the next story in that book is about my father who grew up in terrible poverty, having to go to work at the age of 6 to support his mother and himself.  He also attained great success in his life.  That, too, tells the story that if he can do it, anyone can.   And why not.  All anyone has to do is get out there and make himself successful.  Lots of hard work and that optimistic attitude will get you everywhere.

I plan to finish up the book  about the years I have seen go by.  It is called The Real Story and has some surprises along the way.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my little trip through my being a Big Time Writer.  It is fun and I plan to continue just as long as I can.  By the way, I am still finishing up the story about my daughter that I began so many years ago.   Will be printed just as soon as I think it is really ready.  And I know you will like that one.  Everyone will.