12 05 2011

Just read a story in the paper about a young woman who has become a resounding success because she was raised and educated to be a writer.  Then she moved to the U.S. and started a blog and became a big time writer.  Just thought I would tell youall that I am a big time writer, too.  Only I didn’t get there in a straight path.

I have so far written 5 books and am working on 2 more.  I love writing.  Gives me a chance to ‘vent’ as the saying goes.  Just comes right out of my head and into my fingers and here I am.  I decided to write many years ago because I wanted to write the story of my retarded daughter.  I didn’t know beans about writing.  I graduated from high school, became a secretary, got married and had a house full of kids.  But then, my 4th child had lots of problems and so I learned a lot about therapy and doctors and hospitals and all that good stuff.  So I wanted to write it all down.  I had a neighbor who was a writer for the newspaper and she encouraged me.  I wrote one of those mom stories for a magazine and she told me how to send it in and of course, I didn’t sell it although I certainly expected to.  Then my neighbor told me about a writer’s magazine that had suggestions for where to send articles, so I bought the magazine and studied it and started writing.  Didn’t sell anything and postage got expensive, so I decided to zero in on a particular field.  I chose motherhood and children because that was all I knew by that time anyway.

At that time, the Confession magazines had a section about mothers and babies, so I wrote up an article and sent it in to Modern Romances and they actually bought it!  Sent me $100 too.  When I told my daughter the great news, she said ‘Oh I thought you were going to say you were pregnant again.’  So much for success!

I didn’t even know how to put the article together.  I had read some books on writing, but nothing really told me how to organize the page.  I wrote the article, one sentence at a time, no paragraphs, just one line after another.  After I had sold 3 articles, the editor wrote me a nice note and told me how to organize the page.  I really appreciated that and felt like such a dumbo.  I wrote her back and thanked her for being so kind to me.

By that time, I had actually written about 25 pages of the book I planned to write about my daughter.  So, I sent the pages to this nice editor just to see what she would say about it.  She then called me and asked me if I had finished the book.  Of course, I had not.  She told me she would send the 25 pages to a publishing house with her recommendations and see what happened.  I was really excited now.  She sent it to the book publisher, but they had just finished publishing another book like it and were not interested.    She then recommended an agent to me.  I didn’t know anything about writing, much less an agent, so  I knew I wasn’t ready for anything like that.  But all this gave me incentive.

I then sold some more articles about babies to another Confession magazine and this time I was paid $125 per article.  I was really becoming a resounding success.  The women’s movement came along about this time and the  Confession magazines quit buying baby articles.  By that time, I was pretty much out of the baby business anyway and very busy with family obligations, so I didn’t write much for several years.  I was always working on that book about my daughter, though.

Well, to fast forward another several years, everyone grew up, got married and had children of their own.  My husband was sick a lot of the time and when he wasn’t, my retarded daughter was.  So I was very busy with all that.  Then my husband had a kidney infection and I had to be very quiet in the house, so I went to my computer and wrote a book I had on my mind.  Finished it in that one day, put it all together and decided to have it printed.   It is about  how mankind has manipulated all our morals.  This one is called A Better World.  Pretty good, too.  Gives suggestions as to how to live a better life and therefore have A Better World.

More about becoming a Big Time Writer tomorrow