10 05 2011

My mother once told me that she gave a birthday party for me when I was four years old.  She invited quite a number of children along with their mothers.  I was born in the spring of the year so the weather was nice and the party was held outdoors.  She said I had the Whooping Cough but then so did all the other children.  So they just all came to the party anyway.

She said everyone just Whooped it up and if they coughed too hard, they would hang onto a tree trunk in the yard until they could play again.  Isn’t that just awful though?  But I’m sure every word was true.

All children were expected to have certain childhood diseases.  I know I sure did.  I remember going to kindergarten one morning and coming home later after being diagnosed as having the Chicken Pox.  I knew I didn’t feel very good and I had these awful looking sores on my arm.  The doctor at the kindergarten told my mother that was what I had, so she took me home – quickly.  And there I stayed until I was completely over all that terrible stuff.

Then I had the Measles because I remember not being able to tolerate the light in the bedroom.  And I felt so truly awful bad for what seemed like months, but was just days I’m sure.  I never did have the Mumps though.  If I did, I didn’t know it.  My brother had them.  And my children all had them, but I never did.  Must have had a light case or maybe I was just allergic to having them.

My mother never was tuned in to illness of any kind.  If we got sick, we just simply got better and that was all there was to that.  It was up to us.  I never had my temperature taken at home that I can remember.  I never had anything serious that I can remember either.  The most serious illness was usually because I had eaten an ice cream bar at lunch.  Evidently I was allergic to milk and the least bit of milk would trigger vomiting.  I’m sure the janitor at school just hated me because I was that kid that never made it all the way to the bathroom.  Of course we had never heard of allergies at that time and I was 55 years old before anyone ever suggested that was what was wrong with me in grammar school when I upchucked pretty often.  Oh well, lived through that one, too.

I had the Three Day Measles one year.  I think I had them several times, but i’m not sure if it was that or the hives from the stress of the situation.  I went to school.  The nurse saw my spots and sent me home.  Mother saw me coming and turned me around and sent me right back to school telling me to tell the nurse that I was not sick and I wasn’t going to be.  The nurse finally gave up and let me stay at school.

But then, I always had spots anyway because of something I ate whatever it might be.  I would hear my mother talking to her sister about my spots but I never worried much about it.  Other kids had freckles.  I just had spots.  Ate a sandwich one day made of peanut butter and lime jelly.  That was awful and it came up pretty fast, too.  Never tried that one again, but it sure did look good and no one said for me not to eat it.  Of course the lime jelly was for a garnish to some kind of meat we were having at the time.  But then, the green sure did look pretty so it was worth a try.

Oh well, such is life or was mine anyway.  I had a lot of fun through it all.  Wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world.  And I survived.  That’s all that counts.