6 05 2011

Seems like every time I turn on the news,  someone is blaming someone or something else for their problems.  People think it is o.k. not to take responsibility for their own actions.   Don’t think that will work anymore.  I think I am not the only person who is sick and tired of hearing how hard it is for a person to get along since they have been brought up in a world with problems everywhere.  Everyone else is at fault all the time.  No one takes responsibility for his own actions.

For generations, there have been problems everywhere.  During the depression years way back when, there were people who did without everything.  They were hungry and cold or wet or lonely just like people have been forever.  And it wasn’t because someone else made them have all these problems.  No way!  I read  about a man in the depression years who walked barefoot to the only store in his part of the world.  It had been snowing and his feet were very cold.  When he got to the store, he literally begged the storekeeper to allow him to buy a pair of shoes on credit because he had no shoes at all.  And certainly had no money.  The storekeeper refused this request.  The man had to walk back home barefoot in the snow, still with no shoes.  What did it benefit the storekeeper to treat another human like that.  And whose fault was it that the man was barefoot to begin with.  Well, obviously, the irresponsible storekeeper eventually paid a dear price for that act.  And the man with no shoes did not blame someone else for his misfortune.  That was the way it was then for everyone.   He accepted that and learned to live with his problems.  He took responsibility for his own life.  He knew no one else was going to take care of him nor his cold feet.  He knew it was up to him to somehow be able to afford a pair of shoes.  He would.  And he did eventually.

The depression was a long time ago, but things are a lot the same right now.   If you listen to the news reports, you will note there is a lot of unemployment and a lot of hunger.  It is not everyone else’s fault that someone is without a job.  Maybe if they had worked harder before, they would still have a job.  But then, too, maybe the company was downsizing or moving or making some other changes.  The responsible answer, of course, is to get out there every day and apply for another job.  Something will come up eventually, IF a person really wants to work.  And that is the responsible answer.  A person has to want to work and that has to be communicated to the person who is doing the hiring.  Act like you want to work.  And then work for that money.  Then you can provide for your family and yourself.  Somehow, some way, if you are responsible for your own life and your own decisions,  your life will make a turn for the better.

But first, always first, you must take responsibility for your own actions and show that you want to do better.  Then you will.