3 05 2011

We have a small local newspaper and it is always running Letters to the Editor.  Some of them are very interesting.  Evidently, someone had written a letter recently talking about how wonderful the 1950’s were.  Then someone else was answering today about how terrible they were and how awful the segregation was and everybody was unhappy and women who had worked were pushed back into the kitchen where they could only cook and have babies.   What  terrible and untrue memories those are.  And the person said  they remember all this because they were 9 years old then.  What a shame to carry those memories all through life.

I remember the 1950’s, too.  In fact, I have written a book which is for sale on Amazon entitled The Wonderful 1950’s.  They were wonderful years as far as I was concerned.  My husband was one of the thousands of traveling salesmen of the time.  And, as he always said, nothing happens until someone sells something.  That is so true.  All the traveling salesmen were out there selling their products constantly and the world was a moving on, happening place.  When World War II came to an end in the late 40’s, advertising raised its head and the world started turning a little faster all the time.  It was a brand new thing to buy groceries while listening to the music and advertising, encouraging you to buy a certain product.  It was a wonderful new invention and most people enjoyed it.  We hadn’t even gotten around to the coupons yet.  

I was a young mother who LOVED staying home and cooking and raising my children.  This was my calling in life and I had a great time.  The new homes were being built as fast as the lumber was available and almost everyone could afford a home of some kind.  We bought a wonderful 3 bedroom, 1 bath home on a special corner lot on top of a hill.  It was absolutely gorgeous and we even had a detached garage – that was also before carports – and a living room and kitchen area.  We were really living.  My husband drove out of our driveway every Tues. morning and returned home on Thurs evening.  I had a lot of fun raising my children and never, ever felt put upon by having to raise them a couple of days a week by myself.  

We had a sandbox and a swing set and clotheslines in the back yard.  Later on, we had a bar-b-que grill and a picnic table.  And all the neighbors came for cookouts.  The kids  played all the time in the neighborhood.  No one would ever think of  anyone harming any of the children.  We never had to worry about them playing around the corner or across the street.  

And then every night, we all watched that new boob tube and enjoyed it a lot.  I thought the 1950’s were great.  I have good memories.  And I am so glad I do.  What fun it was.  Only a few of us women had cars so we didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything except wash, iron, cook, clean, and enjoy our families.  Oh how wonderful that was that we didn’t have go out to work every day and be expected to bring home the bacon.  Our husbands did all that.

 Maybe some day we can have a world like that again.  I hope so.  So much is missed today because everyone has to run and run some more.    Poor kids.  They never have any free time to just sit and use their imagination, day dreaming the time away.   Nothing expected except to just be while you were a kid.  I’m so glad I got to see the 1950’s.  They were such a wonderful time.  

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