1 05 2011

I spent half my life swinging on a porch swing.  I spent the other half on the city bus.  But that is another story.  When you swing on a porch swing, you can swing high or low, fast or slow.  There is nothing quite like the wind in your hair when you are swinging as high as the swing will go.  Or to sit and just think about things when the swing is almost still.  Oh how wonderful that porch swing always was.

We would sit out there when I was a kid with the other kids in the neighborhood and talk about all sorts of things. Some of us would be in the swing and others would be on the bannisters of our porch.  We spent many an hour doing just that.  And then in the evening, Mother would come and sit in her chair and we kids would just barely swing on the porch swing.

I remember one evening when my sister and I got the sillies.   We would say anything at all and just giggle and giggle.  One of us would say something like ‘mashed potatoes’ and that would set off the giggling spell once again.  We couldn’t stop giggling even when we got in the bed that night.  Mother finally got us up out of bed and made us go sit in the porch swing until we got over our spell.  Didn’t take long until we were over it and ready for bed.  But it was all such pure clean fun.

When I was grown, I moved from place to place.  Never a porch swing in any of the rent houses.  When we bought our first house, we didn’t have a porch, so no swing.  Everyone had a patio by that time.  And cooked outdoors and never even thought about swinging.  But I did.   I missed my porch swing.  Finally moved out of town and there again, no porch swing.  Just a carport to sit in during the evening hours visiting with the neighbors and no one even knew what a thrill a porch swing would have been.  No one but me.

I sat on folding chairs and chaise lounges and rocking chairs and lawn chairs, but never a porch swing during all those years.  Finally, we moved to another house and my husband put up a porch swing on the lower deck.  I sat there many an afternoon and enjoyed just being me and just being there, swinging on the porch swing.  It had the springs so you could bounce if you wanted to or swing high or low.  Oh how wonderful.

Then we bought a small house on the river so we could fish.  And you would never have guessed it but we had a porch swing there, too.  I told my parents I was way behind on my swinging and might just have to stay there for a long time.  But we soon sold it and sold the swing, too.

Then we finally moved to our last place.  Maybe, just maybe here I could have a porch swing.  But no way.  The ceiling on the outside deck – they call it that now – is much too high and steeped to hang a swing from.  I bought one of those portable back yard swings last year.  It even had a nice top on it to keep the sun off your neck.  But the high winds came and took that top right off and bent the swing and moved it over and over until it was no more.  So much for the swing.

Sure wish I could buy me a porch swing for Mother’s Day this year.  Any of my kids would do that for me.  And any of them would gladly hang it for me, too.  But at this house, it can’t be done.  I’ll bet if I ever move again, the first thing I will look at is the porch to see if it has room for a porch swing.  Sure miss that porch swing.  I’m way behind on that swinging again.