27 04 2011

Life too full of ups, down, and all arounds?  Mine sure seems that way sometimes.  I was laughing today that I had not been spending enough money lately so I now have a huge tree which fell down due to the high winds.   And I have two others that are dead, so guess I will be spending some money with a tree removal company.   Have to keep on doing something, you know.  Of course I was just grateful that it was only a tree and not the roof off my house or a more serious problem.  Storms bouncing all around us the other night, but we are safe.  And for that I am always most thankful.

Getting back to problems, though.  It is always a foolish thought for me to believe that I can solve all my problems, each and every one.  Just like that tree.  I couldn’t have stopped that from happening.  It was completely out of my hands.

Sometimes other things are out of my hands, too.  So I just have to hand all the problems over to God and tell Him that He will just have to take care of them.  I am only human.  I can only do so much.  I try very hard in my life to always do what is right and good and necessary, but sometimes, there are problems just too big for me to handle.  I can’t very well go out and move that tree or fill the gaping hole it left in the yard.  Same way with other things that happen in my life.

I just can’t go around solving each and every little thing.  So God will just have to do it for me.  And He will in his own time.  He will take care of each and every single problem if I just remember to ask Him to.  That is the whole key.  Just asking for Him to help me.  Sometimes I forget and think that I can just take care of everything myself.  And of course I cannot.  So I have to remember – always remember to ask for help.

That is not always easy to do.  Sometimes I don’t want to admit that I can’t handle something.  But it is absolutely necessary if I want a good and true answer to a problem.  I must ask for help.   Sorta’ goes like this – ‘HELP!   Remember me?  I am asking for Your Help once again.  HELP me.  I really need some help right now.’  And I know God will answer in some way.  He always does. He always has.