24 04 2011

Teens seem to always be in crisis mode.  I think that is what they call it in today’s world.  Didn’t used to be called much of anything.  I think we were just blamed for being in a bad mood that day.   Such as – Watch out – stay away from her – she is in a really bad mood today!  I raised quite a number of children and never had much time for teen crisis in my household.  I mean that exactly.  There just never was time for all that upset.

Teen boys do not have nearly the drama crisis that the girls have.  But they do have their share.  Only they do more about it.  They drive too fast, eat too much, hit things, etc.  Teen girls just collapse.  They just simply go to pieces.   Fall apart.  Cry, pout, and need lots of support doing all this.

At my house, if anyone thought about doing all those things, they just found themselves a new job.  Whatever needed to be done at that moment, they could do.  The boys might be cutting the grass or sweeping the garage or running an errand for me.  And the girls would be helping me cook or clean or watch the younger children.  Worked like a dream most of the time.  Can’t have a crisis if you are busy.  As I said, I was too busy for those kind of crisis anyway.

One mother once told me that her oldest daughter ruined many a day by pouting.  I would never have even considered putting up with that even once.  If a child even thought about pouting, they might have painted their room.  Only kidding of course, but it was that way at my house.   No crying, no pouting, no extra drama of any kind ever.  All that drama becomes a habit to get their way.  And it usually works.  Not at my house.  If they started in on the drama bit, I would just have told them to get over it.  Won’t get any sympathy from me.

After all, teens are just big little kids.  You don’t put up with temper tantrums out of little kids.   Why would you do that with a teen.  Little kids don’t demand all the attention and get it. Why should a teen get all the attention.  Think about this.  And then don’t give in to that drama or that teen crisis.  Set your rules and then live by them.  We did and we never had much in the way of teen problems at our house.

If they got yelled at, they knew they probably deserved it.  If they were grounded, they knew they deserved that one, too.  My boys all said they got to play basketball a lot because they were confined to the house and yard.  Didn’t hurt any of them.  Just kept them safe and sound.

Remember you are the one in charge at your house.  Keep your voice, cool, calm and collected.  Keep your manners cool, calm, and collected.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Works almost every time.