22 04 2011

I was looking through a stack of old bed sheets today, thinking of giving some of them away.  I ran across one that had flowers and some squiggly figures on it and it jogged my memory.  I had bought that sheet, just thinking it was sort of fun patterns and would look nice on the bed.  I took it home that day, washed it, and put it on the bed.  Next morning, my husband said, ‘please take that sheet off the bed.  I didn’t sleep all night.  It kept me awake.’  I thought that was the strangest thing I had ever heard, but I didn’t answer.  I took it off the bed and never used it again.

I cannot imagine that something like that would keep a person awake.  But then, I also remembered that I bought a red bedspread one time for a child and the child had a terrible night.  He finally asked me to take off that new cover.  I never thought anymore about it, but today I did.

I hear on the tv all the time about sleep problems.  Could it be like my husband said and the sheet plays a part in this?     I know I never heard anything about any of this before.  I have my eyes closed while I sleep so nothing bothers me.  But everyone is different.

Just thinking.  Never know.



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