21 04 2011

All businesses are in business for one reason – to make money.   If they do not make a profit, they are no longer in business.  And it doesn’t take long to completely bury them.  So, all businesses, both small and large must make money in order to keep their doors open.   This is just plain old simple arithmetic or Money #1.

Obviously, everyone must balance their checkbook or keep their household money matters in line.  If you do not, you will eventually lose all credit ratings, have to file bankruptcy and may even find yourself out on the street with nowhere to go and no means of getting there.  This again is just plain old simple arithmetic.  There must be more money coming in than going out.  Works the same in business as it does in the personal life.

So, all these loud people who are hollering to soak the rich and make them pay and tax them more are just being plain stupid.  Obviously, if the so-called rich business owner has to pay more, then he will have to collect more on his products.  So prices go up and the more he has to pay, the more the prices rise.  This, then leads to inflation which we all know is a dead end street.  For in inflation, everything costs more and so everyone, even those who do the hollering the loudest get to pay more for everything.  This would mean groceries cost more – and they are right now.  Gasoline costs more – and it is right now.  Utilities cost more – and they do right now.  So, you see, in the lesson Money #1, the liberals who want to soak the rich and make them pay and tax them more are just being more stupid all the time.

Wake up!  Look who is causing all this.  And vote Republican and get us out of this mess.  And never vote for another Democrat ever, ever, ever!  Democrats do not understand money.  They never have.  They never will.  They only understand spending and the more THEY spend, the more YOU get to pay. Works that way every single time.  Soon, there will be shortages again also.  Worked that way before.  Because when the businessman can no longer raise his prices, he will stop producing his products and then there will be shortages.  So stop it now before the ball rolls any faster or any further.

Wake Up!!!!  Vote Republican!!!!