20 04 2011

My husband’s grandfather was what was called a dirt farmer back in the 1920’s and 30’s.  He grew mostly dirt or mud.  But he tried.  If a crop was bad, they  almost starved that year.  They lived in a tent one winter and when my husband’s grandmother was 80, she was still talking about how cold she was that year so long ago.  If the crop was good, they had a good life.

When I first married and was trying to learn to cook, my mother- in- law gave me a great big round thing called a garlic pod.  My mother cooked a lot, but I had never seen a garlic pod so large.  I was thrilled.  I used that same garlic pod for about a half a year I think.  There were lots and lots of garlic cloves on it.  And I learned how to be a pretty good cook.  Some of the credit has to go to that garlic pod.

That was my husband’s grandfather’s claim to fame.  He grew them in his garden and everyone appreciated his garlic pods.  He gave or sold them to all his friends and neighbors and everyone waited each year to get theirs.  I came to expect mine each and every year,  too.  And I was so thrilled to have it.  Such a treat for my kitchen.

When my youngest daughter married and she was learning how to cook, I got my usual garlic pod.  By this time, I didn’t need it so much so thought I would share it with her.  I proudly presented it to her with the story of where it came from.  She smiled sweetly and said, ‘what in the heck do you do with this thing?’

It would have taken a lot of explaining so I just took the garlic pod back and smiled sweetly myself.  Her garlic came from a container in the spice section of the store.  Mine does too nowadays.  But I still miss that great big garlic pod that I used every year.  Probably  because I knew what in the heck to do with that thing.

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Thanks, Bet