19 04 2011

Just heard some professor on tv talking about what makes people happy.  Big deal.  Anyone can be happy.  Happiness is a state of mind  It is also a very good habit. Everyone can make themselves happy just by concentrating on smiling, laughter, and nice thoughts.  No matter what the problems are today, it will only get better – or worse – tomorrow.  So why make a big deal out of everything.  Why make anyone else unhappy just because you might be. It is far better to make another person smile or laugh or just feel good about themselves.  Costs nothing to do this.  Just make a point of smiling when you go into the store today or into the post office or the fitness gym.  You will be surprised that after awhile everyone will be waiting for that smile and will always smile back.

Happiness is contagious.  But then so is unhappiness.  Are you going to grow into that old person who sits around and complains all the time?  I’m not.  I’m going to make a point of being someone that people want to be around and want to talk to.  Couples who have lived together for years tend to start picking on each other as they grow older. This is nothing more than a very bad habit.  And the more it is practiced, the more it is practiced.  My parents made a point of not doing that with each other.  And they stayed as far away as possible from other couples who did do that.  No one wants to hear all that bickering.  No one wants to see those frowns.  No one wants to be friends with people like that.  I sure don’t.

I want happy friends, those who laugh about the world and all is problems.  And our world definitely has lots of problems.  But it is much better to joke about something in a nice way  than to sit with your head down and bitch.  What can anyone do about the world’s problems.  Actually nothing more than pray to Almighty God that He might change things for the better.  So after you have done that, then just laugh about the world and about your own problems.  One thing for sure, something will happen somewhere about some matter.  And it probably won’t be because of you.  So why make an issue of it.

And remember, when you get old, you don’t have to be lonesome.  Just get on an investment mailing list and a charity mailing list and a religious mailing list and you will have mail, lots of mail every single day.  Add a couple of catalogs to that and you will soon have a box full of mail. Then you will definitely have something to smile about.



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