18 04 2011

YEAH YEAH!  what needy.  Everyone in this country just has to hold their hand out and they are guaranteed something will be put into it.  Might be food, money, clothing or whatever is the need.   Seems that everyone had jumped  on the bandwagon to provide for those in need.  And I am all for that if the needy  are honest, hard working people who just need a hand up.

But beginning in the 60’s, we have harvested a whole crop of people who have no desire nor need to put in a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.  People used to have pride in their work and in their appearance and in their homes and their families.  So many of them have none of that nowadays.  We have whole generations of people who do not bother to feed their own children, do not provide clothing for them nor a proper shelter.  I provided for all mine.  How about you.  It was what I was supposed to do and I would never have even considered doing otherwise.  To have children do without their necessities is an abomination and is shameful.  To think that organizations and schools have to come together in order to send food home with a child so he has something to eat over the weekend is absolutely horrible as far as I am concerned.

Watching tv coverage of a recent group of protesters , I saw one person with a placard stating take from the greedy and give to the needy.  He certainly was not one of those needy ones.  He was a good 50 pounds overweight so he obviously has enough to eat.  He needed a bath and a shave and a haircut.  And his clothing needed a good washing and ironing.  A little pride in himself would go a long way.  But this seems to be what is missing with so many people.  Why bother to clean up, dress nicer, comb hair or shave.  Much easier to just shuffle along and whine.  He might just get a decent job somewhere if he would clean up his act.  No employer is going to hire anyone that looks like that.  They are going to take one look at the disheveled mess and decide that if that person cannot take care of his own bodily needs, he sure can’t take care of any business.  So no job, no pay, no insurance, no bills paid, no life.  Just put that hand out and whine.

Stupid as far as I am concerned.  A little pride, a little bit of manners and most people can find a decent job.  There are jobs out there.  There are just not jobs for people who don’t want to work.  Think about it.