17 04 2011

Since I have been writing about the environmentalists and their ideas of change, thought I would continue  with that.  Last I heard, we are all going to be using the wind for our energy.  I think that is great.   Maybe the environmentalists can go out and blow until the windmills go round and round.  They give no credit to God for His wind, so guess they are planning on doing all that themselves.  If not, they can plug the windmill into the nearest electrical socket and then it will probably run.  Meanwhile, we will get to read about all their astounding success in the media wherever it is.

Same with the Solar Energy that they tout.  We are all supposed to change our way of life to suit the environmentalists  and go for Solar Energy to heat and cool our houses.  Of course, they don’t tell you that the houses will never be as comfortable as they are now.  And it will also be more expensive to do this.  But of course they know best.  Don’t know how they are going to get the sun to shine.  God rules that, too.  They don’t.  But they never think of those simple facts.

And then of course, they are somehow going to stop all the storms and the rains and make the world a perfect place in which to live.  Again, they have forgotten the one basic fact.  God is in charge of this beautiful planet called Earth.  He will make all the rules.  He is the one who will decide when and if the wind blows and the sun shines or the rain falls.  Not any environmentalist.  Not anyone else but Him.

If changes are needed, then we have only one rule to follow.   That is, to thank God for all that we have and give Him the recognition and honor and praise that He deserves.   Then there will be changes for the better.  And not until then.