14 04 2011

Well, I talked about the Global Warming yesterday.   So today thought I would talk about another of the Environmentalist’s great ideas.  Many people will not remember but during the 50’s and early 60’s, it was drummed constantly about Population Explosion.  We were all going to be standing on one square foot of land right now.  No one was going to have room to even breathe.  No food could be grown because all the land was going to be used for people just to stand on.  Oh dear, it was really scary.   They had a lot of people really upset over that one.  Again, who do they think they are?  Are they greater than Almightly God?  Some think they are.

This led up to more rhetoric about abortions.  Before that, no one even mentioned such a thing out loud.  We all knew people were doing that from time to time.  I even knew of a doctor who regularly did that. But it was considered murder and was definitely against the law.  And ‘women’s choice’ over such a thing was certainly never mentioned.  What choice?  You get pregnant, you have the baby.  Period.  There is no choice involved.  In fact, above  my desk is a sign that says, It’s a child….Not a choice!    This human being that is snuffed out before it even takes a breath is forever waiting for that life that it never had.  God gave the woman that child as a gift.  She threw it away.  How terrible.  This is the one single thing that has offended God so much in our Country.  To throw back in His face the gift He gave.  Then came Roe vs. Wade.

But the Population Explosion people were on every channel and every radio station and in the newspapers – media again – stating their position.  If we didn’t stop having children, the whole world was going to absolutely and positively crash.  We would be stuck in that one square foot forever.  Shame on us.  We should know better.  By the way, it is time to take the pill now and control what God has in mind for your life.

Personally, I never even liked children when I was growing up.  I had to babysit occasionally and just hated the job.  Children just simply got in my way.  I was going to have this wonderful job somewhere, make lots of money, buy some new clothes, a new car someday and live it up.  I mean, I was really going to have a great life although I had nothing concrete in mind.  Just independence.  And happiness.

And then that guy came along that I was not counting on just yet and I got married and then I suddenly wanted to start a family.  I think this is strictly a biological thing that God gives to us a the right time in our lives.  He knows when and if we are to have those children.  I had that child and then I had a miscarriage later.  By that time, I wanted another child but it was not to be.  Two years rolled around and then almost three and still no second child.   And then, wonder of wonders, I was pregnant again.  Such joy!

Then I couldn’t stop being pregnant.  Soon, I had four children.  Never bothered me much though.  I just enjoyed them each and every one.  Of course it was not mandated as it is today, that I also had to have a regular job and my children had to come in second.  Not with me.   Thank heavens!

Didn’t have anymore children for five years and then Surprise! pregnant again.  Loved it.  Had a great time with that newest one, everyone did.  And 2 years later, here came another one.  After that, it was  a hysterectomy and that was that!

But I never could have planned a happier life than I have had.  I have dearly loved raising my children and enjoy them all to this day.  They are such a joy to me each and every day. We write and phone and text and email and I just love it.  Such fun!  Tell jokes, laugh a lot and love one another a lot, too.

Also have a whole lot of grandchildren and really enjoy seeing them grow up and become such wonderful people.  How lucky I am that I didn’t run my own life.  How fortunate that I let God have a hand in it.  Those Population Explosion people just simply didn’t know what they were talking about.  Sorry anyone listened to them.  What a waste they were.