13 04 2011

I do not understand why some of these so-called environmentalists think they are above God and His Ways.  THEY seem to think they are in charge of this world.  THEY are definitely not in charge of anything and never should be.  THEY have all sorts of great ideas about how WE should live our lives.  I don’t know about you, but I’m doing just fine and enjoy my life just like it is.  I like the electricity and the automobiles and all those nice luxuries we enjoy in this Country of ours.  After all, we are the leaders of the world – at least we used to be before this administration got hold of us.  We are those people who literally have everything they want.  All they have to do is get out and work for it and it is ours.   It’s a shame a lot of the people don’t think they have to do that anymore.  Just hold out their hand and someone will put food in it.  Quite frankly, I am ready to spit on that open hand.  It is time for that to be through.

But getting back to that Global Warming, I have been reading a book called Cool It by Bjorn Lomborg.  If you can find it anywhere, by all means get a copy.  He has all sorts of credentials, one of which is an adjunct professor at the Copenhgen Business School and started a conference of top economists who prioritize the best solutions for the world’s greatest challenges.

I have not even gotten past the Foreword yet and am completely mesmerized by its content.  He states that neither viewpoint is right.  Global Warming is not an elaborate hoax and it is also not the end of the world.   Instead, he states that most of the CO2 cuts are ridiculous and cannot possibly work.  Not only will the ideas not work, but it is horribly expensive.

I am all for whatever needs to be done, but I am definitely not for what I have seen so far.  For instance, the idea of rolling blackouts will not work because then the electricity has to work that much harder to cool or heat or whatever it is not doing during that rolling blackout.  It is all ridiculous to me.  The glaciers are not melting.  Antarctica recently experienced record sea ice coverage.  We have not had more hurricane damage, in fact, have had almost nothing for several years.  Temperatures are not soaring, in fact, we all just lived through one heck of a winter with record breaking cold spells, rains, and more ice and snow than in a while.

But my whole point is that this is God’s world and He knows what He is doing with it.  He knows what we need and He will supply that.  All we have to do to reap this wonderful life is to recognize Him and turn to Him and let Him know He is in charge and we appreciate all that.

When you get up tomorrow, think about how the liberal element caused the sun to rise and the clouds to move and the air to flow.  Think about that water you are going to use today.  And then remember where it all came from.  God caused the sun to rise and the clouds to move and the air to flow.  He provides the water for us every day.  Give Him the credit He is due and quit listening to those environmentalists.   They are not in charge of this world.  Never have been, never will be.