12 04 2011

Everyone talks about how expensive everything is these days.  And it is.  But there are shortcuts to everything including keeping house.  Don’t buy the expensive glass cleaner.  Just mix up half rubbing alcohol and half distilled water in a spray bottle and it works like a dream.  Doesn’t streak or leave a mess.  Just spray on, wipe off with a paper towel and that glass shines like a million dollars.

To deodorize a room or a bathroom or a closet or a drawer, just use a bar of soap.  Gets rid of a bad odor every single time. Purchase whatever soap you like to smell.  And they all have a smell you know.  Put the unwrapped bar of soap in the room or the drawer.  Leave it there for a week or more and no more bad odor.  After you are through using it, you can use it for your bath.

And speaking of baths, I use dishwashing soap to take a shower.  Takes only about a drop or two on a washcloth.  When the washcloth gets wet, the dishwashing soap literally spreads.  I buy the large economy size and it lasts all year long.   To wash your hair, use the same dishwashing soap, scrub, rinse and then rinse again with about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water.  Simple to do, makes your hair shine and it is easy to manage, too.

If you need to have crumbs for cooking, just place the ingredients in a plastic bag, seal it up tight and step on it.  Makes crumbs immediately.  No need to purchase crumbs of any kind.

Also, with a little thought, you can combine the leftovers in your refrigerator sometime during the week and mix in a half can or full can of Golden Mushroom Soup and everyone will think you made a new dish.  For instance, I had some leftover meatloaf which I was tired of eating as sandwiches.  I had some frozen noodles, so I layered the noodles and the sliced meatloaf and covered it all with Golden  Mushroom Soup.   I slid the covered dish in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Even I was impressed with how good the result was.  Will do that one again sometime.  Of course you can layer any meat with any pasta, whatever you have will work.  I also had some cooked carrots and a half can of tomatoes so I combined them and chopped a little celery in with it, sprinkled it with parsley and had a great vegetable dish.  Just open that refrigerator and use what you have.  Who knows, family might think you are a gourmet cook.

And of course you know that the quickest way to clean your house is just to take off your glasses.  Works every single time.