11 04 2011

I’m getting more and more interested in Donald Trump’s bid for the Presidency of these United States.  Wouldn’t it be really nice not to owe all those taxes right now.  And wouldn’t it be really nice to have our gas price back down to less than a dollar the way it used to be before all the politicians and oil cartels got into the act.  Oh boy!  I’ll take those things any day.

And now the Donald is going to find out about the birth certificate of Obama and his record throughout his life.  Oh boy!  I’ll take that one any time too.  Yay!

It is about time someone stood up and talked about the things that we have been shushing all these years.  It is time for someone to say – Look, Enough!  The world owes us now.  And we are due some respect and honor, too.  Look what our fighting boys have done all over this world.  Just name almost any country and our sons have been there and have liberated whoever and whatever needed liberating.  About time someone said, Hooray for the United States of America!

And that brings me to Sarah Palin also.  She would make one heck of a vice president.  You Betcha’ !  And she is right on the button in her beliefs and her ideals and her family values.  We need that nowadays, too.   She represents and understands what normal women do every day in their lives while working and raising their families.  She knows what it is like to drive that car hundreds of miles every month and take care of all those needs of all those children.  She understands all that.  About time we got away from the liberal women’s movement and moved back to talking and respecting and understanding normal American women.  Yay for them, too!  And their families!

I am getting excited about this election already.   Have to get some snacks in the house for that Obama/Trump debate.  That will be a dilly!!