9 04 2011

Since I was blogging about Lent yesterday, thought I would continue in a religious theme this time.  I started thinking about all the sins of my past life recently and was surprised at some that I had forgotten about.  Not very important, but sins nonetheless and I am sure I will pay some sort of price for them someday.

Then I started thinking about The Ten Commandments and the views that people have of them.  For instance, I never really thought about the fact that they are not listed in some sort of order making 1 the best and 10 the worst like in other ratings.  Instead, they are all listed as just the same.  That means that to not Keep Holy The Sabbath is just as bad a sin as Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.  That would mean then that Thou Shalt Not Kill would be the same as Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of the Lord Thy God in Vain.

Makes me sit up and take notice.  Sort of gives me the creeps to think that all these Ten are equal and that the world has made one worse than another in our thoughts.  As example, there have not been many TV shows where someone Lies and detectives chase them down for an hour and then convict them.  So we automatically don’t think lying is as big a sin as murder.  And not Honoring Thy Father and Mother would be on the TV all day for children to see if it was given the proper place in life.

Something to think about in this time of Lent and Penance.