8 04 2011

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  Lent.  Used to just dread that.  Have to feed all those kids and try to fill them up on meat substitutes a lot of the days of Lent.  But after the changes made in the Catholic Church, that is no longer necessary.  Don’t have to specifically do without meat so much anymore.  It is highly recommended that we do something in the way of penance during Lent, but it is your individual choice now.  It is still recommended also that you might want to do without meat on Fridays.  Still required not to  eat meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

So, what do you do without.  Some people give up eating a certain special food or having that special cup of coffee.    Others give up watching tv or listening to the radio. Some give extra money to various charities.  Others make a point of helping a neighbor or cooking a special treat for someone.  For myself, I just try to do more of the right things.  I make sure I don’t talk about anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings or give even the slightest hint that I disapprove of something or someone.

I also spend more time in prayer, offering up my life for whatever God wants of me in this life.  And I also spend some time thinking about the sins of my past life and trying to tell God I am so sorry for having offended Him in any way in my life.

For instance, when I pray, I am not saying that I am sorry for the sins committed by everyone in the world.  I am praying specifically because I am the one who put that Crown on His Head, the Cape on His Shoulders, the Reed in His Right Hand and the Slap on His Holy Face.  I can’t blame anyone else for anything I have done to offend God in my life.  It is I who caused Him to have to carry that Heavy Cross and to have the nails in His Hands and Feet.  It is I who have done all this to Him by the things I have done and said and thought in my life.  So it is I who want to say truly that I am so sorry for having offended Him.

And then I pray for His Divine Mercy that He will forgive me and allow me to serve Him better in my life.  This is what Lent really means to me.