1 04 2011

I was watching TV last night and listened to what Donald Trump had to say on O’Reilly.  Again, I was impressed to a point.  But I am listening and I am anxious to see all the maybe candidates viewpoints.  He reiterated that he is definitely pro-life.  I am definitely pro-life.

O’Reilly asked him about what he would do with Iraq.  Trump said that other countries go in and help and then they stay.  We always go in, liberate the people and then leave, asking for nothing in return.  He said we should not do that.  I agree.  He said we should stay in Iraq because if we do not, then Iran will immediately come in and take over the country the minute we leave.  I also agree with that one.  What would be there to stop them.

Then Trump said we should stay there and take Iraq’s oil for ourselves.  They owe us a lot of money for what we have spent in liberating them and rebuilding their country.  So Trump said we should take their oil, use it, and share it with those countries who helped us do all this in Iraq.  Makes sense to me.

O’Reilly thought that was really funny and sort of smirked at the idea.  I had heard him earlier in the day advertising the program and saying that what Trump was going to say could not possibly work.  I disagree with O’Reilly.  Why wouldn’t it work.  It should.  That would be one way for us to collect what is owed us.

I had heard Donald Trump say on the previous program and if we collected what was owed to us by the countries that we have bailed out, then we would have no monetary crisis in this country.  True, so true.  Why are we spending our money helping everyone else when they all hate us for it and never pay us back.

So, once again, I am listening to what is being said.  I intend to vote for the one with the best ideas.  I am sick and tired of sending all these POLITICIANS to Washington and having them act like the previous ones over and over again.  All they do is make plans and then have meetings and then have more meetings and then decide not to use the plans they have made.  And here we go again over and over and over.

I am all for sending people to Washington who will get in there and get something done.  NOW!  Not later, not next term, not next year, but NOW.  I want the taxes lowered and the bills paid and the health care bill thrown out the window.  I want all these things done NOW.  And I want the illegal alien problem to be dealt with NOW.  If people are here illegally, then they should go home, NOW.

Have not heard what Donald Trump has to say on the illegals yet.  But I am sure he has a plan.  Who knows.  His plans might be just what we need.  I am going to listen and learn and hope we get someone who will get something done NOW.