27 03 2011

I wonder how many babies have been aborted by Planned Parenthood. I really don’t want to know as I am sure it would be a terrible number.

My thought, though, is that we already know what a terrible travesty murder is.  And we already know how very much abortion has offended Almighty God. And we already know how deeply hurt some people are by this horrific act.  But I wonder if anyone has ever thought about the economics of this issue.

A whole generation of people has probably been destroyed.  Might even be more than that.  And that means that all those families did not have their children.  The children did not attend the schools.  They did not grow up and go to college.   And they did not have a job.  This contributes to the economy in every possible way.  From groceries to gym costs to school books to college tuition.  All is gone.  Poof!  gone with the wind.

How much would that generation of people have contributed to possible new technologies or inventions or medical breakthroughs.  How many times would they have helped their communities and the generations who have come along behind them.  How much does that count for.

I know many of our young men were sacrificed by the Democrats in the Vietnam War.  That whole generation was killed or maimed in some horrible way.  How many of them would have contributed to the betterment of society.  How many children would they have had that would have contributed.  And what a terrible loss that was.  That is why we had to have the feminist movement, to compensate for the fact that most of the young men no longer existed.

Just look at the changes in our lives and in our lifestyles.  How much would these poor, innocent babies have contributed for all of us.  But then, you must remember that Planned Parenthood still wants us all to further this travesty against mankind and against Almighty God by having the federal government fund them more.  How awful!

Do you, as a taxpayer, want to fund them any longer?   I do not.




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