26 03 2011

I have just seen the commercial for Planned Parenthood.  Lady says they diagnosed her cancer so many years ago and how fortunate she is that they found it.   And she has lived a long time since then.  Then they tell how many tests they run for free evidently.  All you have to do is just go in and they take good care of you.  And will also give you an abortion, but the commercial doesn’t mention that tiny detail.

What they don’t tell is that you can get the same tests done everywhere in the country for free if necessary at local health departments, whether it be city, county, or state.

And they also don’t tell you how many poor innocent babies were slaughtered while this lady has lived this long, wonderful life since her diagnosis.  How many millions have they aborted since she had her testing?  Makes you wonder.  Wouldn’t it maybe have been better if she had gotten her diagnosis somewhere else and Planned Parenthood had not existed?  Then that whole generation of babies might still be alive today.

Of course the main reason for the commercial is so people will think that Planned Parenthood should receive funding from the federal government.  If you have kept up with the news lately, you realize that is an iffy situation right now.  Congress is maybe going to cut off their funding.  Without government funding, no more Planned Parenthood.  And that would definitely be a good thing. No more killing of babies.

What a terrible, terrible waste.  And how do you really justify murder.  Have to think long and hard to come up with an answer to that one.  Murder is murder and you really can’t change the definition of it.  The result is always the same.  What a terrible, terrible waste.

And all those other freebie tests would have to be done free somewhere else.  So why have Planned Parenthood at all.  Don’t need funding for abortions.  Not here.  Not in this country.  Not where we value life.  And especially life for those innocents who have been slaughtered every day for years and years and years.

Wonder how many.