25 03 2011

I just read an interview  with Donald Trump that was printed in Human Events.  And I have to tell you, I am very impressed.  I laughed to myself when he said he was going to run or thinking about running, but after reading his statements, I am going to look very closely at him.

He made statements such as Russia shouldn’t be telling us  how to run our military and how many missiles we can make, etc.  He said we won the cold war, not them.  True.   He also said all those countries that owe us money should be made to pay us back and then we wouldn’t have any economic problems.   Said everyone in the world uses us and doesn’t pay us one single cent for all our ships, planes, men, etc.  True.  Also said we need to bring our troops home and rebuild our military and then no one would cross us again.  We would not have to fight anywhere, just let them know where we stand – and he would definitely do that – and no more trouble from anyone.  I’m all for that one, too.  He said OPEC should back down and quit acting like they own us.  Agree with that.

He also said he cannot believe the pirates taking the huge ships with only a rowboat.  Said it wouldn’t take him long to get rid of all that.  Hooray!

He also said he is definitely pro-life.  And I am definitely for that one.  Says health care plan must go and would be gone within a short time if he were elected.  I am for that one, too.

He said China is using us every day and I agree with that.  He said he would put a 25% tax on all imported goods from China and that would solve that problem.  I agree with that one, too.   Then many of our jobs would open up again and we would be seeing Made in U.S.A. on most of our goods we buy.  Hooray!

He also said he knows how to work with the unions and has no problem with all that.  If he can work out fair agreements with them, then I would be for that one, too.  It’s those unfair things I don’t like.  Not the unions themselves.

He said a lot of other things, too.  But I was very impressed with most of his ideas and will be watching him over the next several months to see what happens.  I think Huckabee makes a good Tv host.  Palin has sort of fizzled.  At one time, I thought they would make a great team, but do not see that anymore.  I never have liked Romney and don’t even know who Pawlenty is and don’t care.  Newt killed his chances years ago as far as I am concerned.  And the younger people are not going to vote for him anyway.  Don’t know who the Congresswoman is that they keep trying to push, but am not impressed enough to find out either.  That is not a good sign.

Donald Trump seems to have what it takes to attract the younger people and I think his conservative ideas will go a long way with the older crowd.  So who knows.  It may just be President Trump.  And who can resist that hair anyway.