24 03 2011

I understand Congress is supposedly going to vote out the law about having to change our light bulbs.  I hate these new bulbs.  They are a pain in the neck to me.  So far, they do not last nearly as long as the others did.  I have a lot of light bulbs in my house that are unreachable for me.  So that means that I have to depend on someone else to change them.  That is why I know how long the bulbs last.  And it ain’t very long most of the time.

One night, I turned off the hall light outside my bedroom and the light started flashing.   The switch was turned off, but the bulb kept right on flashing.  Well, to make a long story short, including a trip to the electric box to make sure a circuit had not blown, I had to go to bed with that light flashing all night.   Not a good night for sure.   Next morning, I contacted the electrician and he came to check it out.  By this time, I was just grateful my house had not burned down.  He was also confused  for a few minutes.  And then he realized that particular light bulb was on a dimmer switch.  So that is why it was flashing all night.  You cannot use those kind of light bulbs on a dimmer switch.  And it says so right there in fine print on the box of light bulbs I had just purchased.  But of course I am not in the habit of reading the light bulb boxes, so I had not seen that.

I have been using light bulbs all my life just like everyone else.  I never knew I had to read the box.  I didn’t know there were light bulbs you cannot use on a dimmer switch.  Another reason to not like the newer light bulbs.  Another reason is that I think they are ugly.  They don’t seem to enhance any area at all.  And I simply do not like them.

And then recently, I heard of an autistic woman speaking at a workshop and she said the newer light bulbs are terrible for an autistic person.  She said they see things differently than everyone else does and those light bulbs make things ever more difficult for them.

I don’t know why we have to have this change crammed down our throats anyway.  If someone want to buy those kind of light bulbs, then so be it.  But we should have any kind of light bulbs we want to buy.  After all, we are the United States of America.  We have had light bulbs for a long, long time.  Who is suddenly in charge that we can be told we cannot buy the light bulbs we prefer.  What has happened here in this country?  Why is someone else suddenly telling us how we have to live and what we have to do every day.  Never happened before.

Think about that.  A lot.



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