23 03 2011

I am writing another book.  Nothing unusual about that. The first part tells the story of my husband’s alcoholism and his recovery and rise to success.  Have not decided for sure what to name the book yet.  Am calling it Success, but don’t think that has much of a ring to it.

And then the next part of my book will be about my father and his rise in life from living in abject poverty to being the state governor’s secretary.  And will include some of the true story about the 1957 crisis at Little Rock High School.  The media never told the true story about that.   Most of their story  was just a lot of noise.

So, I am through writing the part about my husband and it is reasonably good reading.  Have had a lot of nice comments about it from those who have read the manuscript.  Started on the second part about my father and wrote for about an hour and a half one day last week.  I was so pleased with what I had written and it was just right – perfect.  Then, then, then, I erased all of it.

Just pushed the wrong button and off it went, straight out into never, never land.  Tried to retrieve it, but the computer didn’t know what I was talking about.  I’m sure it was the computer’s fault as I would never dare to make such a stupid mistake.  I thought those buttons were there to be pushed and so that’s what I did.  Just pushed a few buttons.   Oh, well, never too late to start again.

You might look at some of my books.   They are listed on Amazon.com as booksbybet.com.  You would definitely enjoy them.  All about life as it used to be.  #2503 tells about growing up in the 30’s and 40’s.  In The 1940’s tells the story of the War and living through it.  The Wonderful 1950’s is all about that time when the whole world changed.  I also have a cookbook called Bet’s Cookbook, (novel title) and it is really great, telling tips about how to save money while filling up all those kids.  And that is one great challenge for sure.

And then, have one based on the Ten Commandments called A Better World.  Short and to the point.

Check them all out.  You might just like one or two.  Thanks, Bet