9 03 2011

Do you know what it is like to live with an alcoholic?  Unless you have done so, you cannot imagine the life.  Although everything seems o.k. on the outside, nothing is really o.k. on the inside.  It may be that the alcoholic is a very nice person, never causing any problems at all.  But you can believe there are hidden things going on all the time.  For you see, the alcoholic really doesn’t care much for anything else except that alcohol.  That doesn’t happen overnight usually.  It builds up over time.

And gradually over time, the family takes less and less thought or love or even civility.  For as the alcohol becomes more important, everything else, including the family becomes less important.  That includes the wife, mother, father, children, or whoever might be considered a part of the family.  The alcoholic eventually has no desire to be with anyone else or anything else except that alcohol.  For here all his problems are solved.  Or so he thinks.

Meanwhile, he is compounding problems with his family and his work and his friends.  But he doesn’t care anymore.  All those people could just simply disappear from his life and he would be very happy.  Alcohol eventually becomes a matter of money.  If the alcoholic can get enough money to drink that day, he is satisfied with life.  If not, he will figure out some way to get that money, no matter what.  He might steal from members of the family or from his workplace or wherever he thinks he can get by with it.

Eventually, too, work ceases to exist.  And comes the day when he no longer has a job or is retired early or some other reason why the employer can get rid of him.  He doesn’t care about that either.  If he can manage enough money to drink, he will be set for life.  

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