4 03 2011

If you are to find peace in your soul, you must first of all forgive yourself.  You probably have not done much wrong anyway.  But people have a tendency to blame themselves for everything imaginable.  It might be problems at work or at home or with your spouse or with your children or just not feeling like you are a part of things.  But for your own peace of soul, set your guilts aside and forgive yourself  NOW!  You cannot progress in your everyday life if you are carrying resentments and/or guilts from years past. 

As I have mentioned before, if you want to find true peace of soul, go sit down in the nearest Catholic Church or Adoration Chapel, and visit with Jesus.  Tell him all about your life and the many things you might have done or feel like you have done.  Tell Him you are sorry for having offended anyone.   And tell Him you are sorry for having offended Him.  And then give Him your many sins.   Ask Him to let you know you are forgiven.  If you are Catholic, make a point of going to Confession very soon.  Talk to the Father in the Confessional.  Tell him what you feel.  He will help you to walk through your sins and lead you in the prayers.  There is nothing to be afraid of here.  You are asking for forgiveness from God.  And God is always willing to forgive if you just ask.

But you must ask for forgiveness.  That is all you have to do.  God will take care of the rest.  Give Him a chance.  Go visit with Jesus and let him lead you on in your life.  This is the only way you will ever find true peace in your soul. 

Forgive yourself and get on with your life.  God will help you every step of the way.  All you have to do is ask.