20 02 2011

I hear of people who are begging for help in their own way.  Depression, illness, economic problems, job problems, whatever.  Seems everyone has a problem or two these days.  Guess they always have.  But some of the problems are more serious than others.  And people seem to be having more problems at younger ages than before.  

What people don’t seem to understand is that sometimes their problems are simply that they are looking for peace.  Peace in their lives, peace in their homes, peace in their families, peace in their jobs, and  peace in their illnesses.  This is not the usual form of stress that you hear so much about.  This is the deep down desire for something that cannot be obtained by reading a good book or turning on the tv.  It is far deeper than that.

Right now, I have a friend who is deeply depressed.  She doesn’t understand that her whole being is simply looking for a release from the problems she faces each and every day.  Her soul is trying to find a peace where it can rest.  I have urged her to go to the Catholic Church and visit with Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist.  Such a peace can be found there.  I tell her to just simply go and sit and talk to Jesus.  Tell Him what her problems are.  Tell Him how tired she is and how much she tries and can never seem to get ahead.  And how she doesn’t feel well at all these days and needs to talk to someone about something, everything, all this stuff.  And yet she really has nothing to tell about anyway.  But every day it is harder to get up and go.  Every day it is more difficult to be that someone everyone expects her to be.  The nice person at the desk, the good mother, the great wife, the friend who is always there.  Everyone seems to want a piece of her life.  And she has always done this before.  But it harder now. 

She needs something  and cannot seem to find it no matter where she looks, no matter how hard she tries.  So again, I tell her, go to Jesus.  Go to the nearby Catholic Church.  Sit down in the pew and tell Jesus what is on her mind.  Or tell Him nothing.  He knows anyway.  Just go make that visit.  And then go back again every chance she gets.  She will soon find that peace she is looking for.  She will soon notice that she becomes again that nice person at the desk, the good mother, the great wife, and the friend to all.

She will find her true peace.  Her soul can then rest for awhile.  What a blessing that is.


19 02 2011

There was an article in my local paper the other day that told of a group of teachers who provide backpacks for hungry children to take home on the weekend.  These backpacks contain enough food to keep the child fed while at home and not receiving the free breakfast, lunch and snacks from the local school.  In another district, a group not only provides these backpacks for the children, but also enough food for their siblings at home.

My question is – why aren’t the parents feeding their own children.  I fed mine.  I’ll bet you fed yours.  Sometimes it wasn’t all that great, but they were fed and full when they left the table after each meal.  All species feed their young.   Why is it suddenly alright for today’s parents not to feed their young.  Is this the Great Society that Lyndon Johnson envisioned when he set up all these free programs?  Makes me wonder about those Democrats and all their freebie policies.  

I know some of these parents do not know how to cook a decent meal because they have never even tried.  But, you know, a box of oatmeal and a loaf of bread can go a long ways towards filling a hungry stomach of a youngster.  I used to figure my grocery money very carefully and I could pay for a box of oatmeal and plan on several morning’s breakfast instead of a box of cereal that would only go round a couple of times at a much higher price.  Why can’t these parents do the same thing.

Are these parents the ones that my tax money is supporting these days?  Are they the ones who holler all the time because they are out of a job when they don’t want to work anyway?  Are they the same ones who line up to get every freebie available?  And then they don’t even bother to feed their own youngsters.  I know times are tough.  I know there are fewer jobs.  I know everyone is having to tighten their belt a little bit.  But not everyone is out of a job.  And not everyone has to depend upon the freebies for sustenance.  

Meanwhile, feed those young children.  They are hungry and they have no reason to be hungry.  Surely, the mother or the father is capable to providing something on the table for every child.  I’m sure the mother and father have something to eat.  If not, they would be lying in the ditches everywhere.  So we know they are eating and probably eating very well.  Just too much trouble to provide for their young ones.  Too much effort to stop playing on their computer or watching their TV set in order to take the time to provide that meal.  If they have any kind of income, feeding their children should come first.  Period.  

It is the parent’s RESPONSIBILITY to feed their own children.  It is not the RESPONSIBILITY of the government, nor the school, nor the neighbors, nor the church.  It is the PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to feed their own young chiildren

Feed those hungry children – NOW!


16 02 2011

My father-in-law had struggled for every breath for many years.  Emphysema had taken a big toll on his life.  But he kept right on going and going and going. He could walk only a few feet and then would have to hold onto something while he caught his breath.  

My mother-in-law came down with the flu and had to go to the hospital for a few days.  This left my father-in-law at home alone.  And he certainly could not stay alone.  So he also went to the hospital to stay until she could recover and go back home. 

We ate our usual Sunday lunch and then drove out to the hospital to visit with them.  It was about 20 miles away from our home.  We visited for a minute with my mother-in-law and then went into my father-in-law’s room.  When my husband saw his father, he immediately bolted out of the room.  I did not know what was wrong as I saw nothing different.  I looked down the hall and my husband was on the telephone at the desk.  He returned to the room and said he had called the local Catholic Priest.  Then he said his father was dying and needed the last rites of the Church.  I still saw nothing different, but sat down in a chair and waited for the Priest to arrive.  

When the Priest came in, he  immediately bent down and talked with my father-in-law.  He asked him if he knew who he was and my father-in-law said ‘Yes Father’.  Then the Priest anointed my father-in-law and gave him the last rites of the Catholic Church.  Within only a few minutes, my father-in-law breathed his last agonizing breath and was gone from this earth.

The Priest turned to me and said, ‘Sometimes a soul will wait.  I have had this happen many times.  The soul will wait for the last rites and then can go in peace.’

What a warm and wonderful thought that is.  I hope my soul waits  until it can go in peace.


15 02 2011

When I got the last load of laundry out of the dryer this afternoon, I started laughing to myself about an article I had read.  It was a very serious  ‘helpful hint’   article telling how to save money on utilities.  Of course, it listed the usual things such as wash in cold water as often as possible.  And don’t hot dry your dishes, etc.  But then, the last hint said ‘Always use a hot dryer.’  Now, I know my dryer is HOT.  No doubt about that one.  But how to keep the dryer always HOT was the problem.  

With four teens and a couple of younger ones in the house, I washed about 5 loads per day. On Monday, I washed 8 loads because I did not wash on Sundays.  Some of those Sunday  clothes had to be dry cleaned instead of washed which explains the 8 loads instead of 10 for that day. For some reason, all those teens thought they were supposed to take at least one shower per day.  And they insisted upon changing their clothes at least once a day, too.  I never had the heart to tell them any different.  Our younger ones had to be washed down periodically also.  

I tried to keep that HOT dryer running.  But sometimes, it just wasn’t possible.  I had a habit of being through with the laundry by 3 in the afternoon when everyone started coming in from school.  That way, they could find their clean clothes for the next time.  That wasn’t too hard to do since the machines did all the work.  I just filled them up now and then.  But it still bugged me about that HOT dryer and how to keep it HOT so I could save money on the utility bills.  

Guess I could run the dryer all night. But then I couldn’t see how that would help on the bills very much.  I could imagine that meter going round and round and round outside my house.  Probably start whistling in the middle of the night, too.  Might make the neighbors wonder about me even more than they did now.  Maybe I can call the electric company and ask about this profound advice.  Then they can wonder about me, too.  

 Meanwhile, guess I’ll just have to pay that utility bill every month until I figure out how to keep my HOT dryer HOT.  But it gives me something to laugh about when I open that dryer and  all those clothes fall out onto the floor.

 I know what – this is what it means to Have a Nice Day!  Or another fun day.  Or – oh well, you know – another one of those days!  But at least I have a HOT dryer – sometimes.


12 02 2011

I have heard many times over the last few days about the App for the phone that tells about Confession in the Catholic Church.  The media has picked up on this as though it is something very funny.  As usual, they are just showing their extreme ignorance.

When a Catholic goes to Confession, he is encouraged to ‘Examine his Conscience’  first in order to list his sins correctly.  Usually, this requires a short visit in the Church to pray over what the Penitent might consider to be his sins.  This App simply lists those sins so that the Penitent can ‘Examine  his Conscience’  and pray at his convenience. 

If you get a chance to review this App, you will note that it lists the Ten Commandments of God.  This is what the Catholic is reviewing.  The Mortal Sins against God are those against His Rules,  His Ten Commandments.  Simple as that.  I guess this is what the media considers to be so funny.   Other sins listed are considered Venial Sins and are those simple things we do without thinking, such as not being as nice a person as we should be.  

For instance, in the Catholic Church, we do not Tithe like many of the Protestant Churches.  But it is expected that the Catholic should donate 5% of his wealth, either to his Church or to other charities.  And then he is expected to donate 5% of his time.  He can choose how to donate in either case, but he should try to do this.  He might be active in his parish organizations, or do community work of some kind, or help his neighbor.  Whatever he is called to do is what he should try to do. To omit this is to commit a Venial Sin.  All the Catholic is asked to do is to try.  Not to be perfect in this, but simply to try to do his part in this world. 

So, once again, the media has shown its extreme ignorance in making fun of the App for the phone.  Did you also know that an App is available for the daily prayers of many religious organizations both Catholic and Protestant?  Maybe the media should investigate some of their stories.  It would help if they got them straight now and then.


10 02 2011

Having raised a large number of very average children, I used to hate going to Parent Teacher Conferences.  Not because I dreaded meeting with the teachers, but because I simply did not have the extra time.  I knew what my children did at school.  I knew what they were capable of doing at school.  And I was pleased with all of them as they grew up.  None of them were of the Straight A variety, but I really didn’t care.  They were all well rounded, happy children who knew what was going on in their world, had nice friends, and were blessed with a good sense of humor.  I was a good Mom.  My husband was a good Dad.  And we had a very happy family.  No problems to speak of, ever, except the normal teaching of discipline and manners over the years.  And that usually depended  upon the personality of each individual child.  

But here come the Parent Teacher Conferences once again. Time to go sit in the hall outside the various doors and wait to be called.  

My only problem was that in each and every room with each and every teacher, I was usually told the same line – ‘If your child would just try, he could do a lot better.’  I thought to myself by the time I was through with Parent Teacher Conferences that if one more teacher said that to me I was going to go over the top of that desk.  Instead, I always smiled and acted like a lady  the way  my mother  had taught me to do. 

Maybe I am wrong in my thinking, but it would seem to me that it is the teacher’s job to make my child want to try and want to do better in her class and want to be interested in her subject.   That is what she is there for; to  teach my child her particular subject, whatever it might be.  If she does not stimulate his interest, he will not try in her class.  Period.  That is why different people have different jobs in life.  They are interested in different and various fields.  That is also true of children.  They all have different interests.  May not be science or reading, but then it is the teacher’s job to make them interested in that particular science project or that book to read.  

Sure am glad I am through with Parent Teacher’s Conferences.    I might have become dangerous. 


9 02 2011

I just read an article that stated that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act amended the Fair Labor Standards Act which means for the first time ever, ever, ever, employers will be REQUIRED BY LAW to provide nursing moms with breaks and a designated location for either breast feeding or pumping.  This Act  is included in that wonderful health care bill that was shoved down our throats earlier.  And they want your comments regarding this Act. 

I think this is probably the most ridiculous thing I have  ever heard of.  Since when is the employer supposed to provide breaks plus a place for breastfeeding or pumping  If the mother is breastfeeding her infant and the infant is that young, then that mother needs to be at home where she can care  for that young infant. In breastfeeding it is not only the milk itself that is important, it is also the caressing and the cuddling and the holding of the infant that is of vital importance.  Wake up, young mother!  Go home where you need to be and care for your new baby!  It is time for the young women of this country to understand that a baby is not like a doll.  It is a very important human being and its needs must be met in certain ways.  One of those ways is to make sure the infant gets the proper nutritional and physical care.  This cannot happen if that mother is pumping at a workplace and then taking her infant to a daycare for someone else to feed.  Not the same thing at all.

I have never known any woman whose job was that important.  There is no more important job than caring for that young infant.  This is the whole of life!  Your infant’s lifetime  begins in your arms.  Family is ‘where its at’.  Wake up and smell the flowers!  This is what life is all about, your family and the lessons that you teach in that family. Teach your children from infancy that you want them, you love them, and YOU care for them.  

I know a paycheck must be important, but believe me, you can survive for a few more months or a couple more years without an extra one in the house.  You might be surprised to find that your husband can actually do the providing if he is given the chance.  Mine did and when my first child was born, we had nothing and were living from paycheck to paycheck.  But I thought it important to stay home and care for my children.   So he learned to provide very well.  Yours will, too.  Give him a chance.

Give your infant a chance in this world.   

Go to!home and say what you think.  I certainly will.