28 02 2011

I have watched with much interest the demonstrations in Wisconsin.  Isn’t this ridiculous.  Reminds me of the hippy movement of the 60’s where everyone ran around protesting something.  Most didn’t even know what it was they were protesting.  They were just having a party.  Walking the highways, hitching everywhere, running in groups here and there.  Demonstrating as long as there was free food, music, and sometimes a bonfire.  Sheer morality no doubt!

Wisconsin looks almost the same to me today.  Everyone out screaming, shouting, a bonfire or two, and a big, big party.  Everyone is off work, not bothering to teach, and the senators have even left the state in order not to do their job.  Isn’t this the same scenario?  Sounds like it to me.  And I notice today that they are camping out in the state capitol although they have been asked to leave so the building could be cleaned.  Sounds like  hippy time to me.  They did the same things.  And I don’t know about you, but once around that block was quite enough for me.  Time to grow up, shut up, and get on with your job.

Democrats are spending money they do not have.  Republicans are saying that we don’t have the money to spend so you cannot spend what you do not have.  And the crowd is hollering ‘hell no!’  Makes sense to me.  Maybe all these people who are demonstrating can use their credit cards to pay Wisconsin’s bills with.  Why are they not willing to pay their fair share of insurance coverage and pensions.  Most people in this country do.  What makes them so different.

Oh, I forgot, it is their Union.  I know just a little bit about unions and their problems.  My father was a die-hard union man from the time I was born.  He never allowed anything to be bought or used in our home unless it had a union label on it.  As he got older, he became ever more union man.  Everything the union did was wonderful to him.  Yessir!  He supported them all the way every day.  He became the president of his particular union and that made him even more union oriented.  I went to many a union get together.  And there was always lots of rhetoric about how wonderful the union was for the working man.  My father was proud to say he was one of those working men.  

In his particular union, they had a retirement home out west.  All the men contributed some of their wages to this home because some day they were going to live there, sit on the porch, and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.  My parents even drove out to see this wonderful place.  And as president of his union, my father promoted this retirement home and urged the men to donate to it over and over again.  Of course I’m sure they probably had to donate.  Most unions make sure of that.  But each man still had to earn that money before he could donate it.  Wonder how many hours of work their donations took. 

Then the union had a big regional meeting.  My father made lots of speeches.  They showed a film all about this retirement home to all the people there.  And everyone dreamed that retirement dream of going to that wonderful place – because they had all helped pay for it.  One of the big union bosses even came  from up east to attend this regional meeting.  After my father made a talk, this man also made a talk and he, too, promoted this retirement home and all its many benefits and again urged the men to donate their wages to this wonderful place.

Then, later on, I heard some talk that the big bosses from up east had somehow gotten their hands on the money for that retirement home and it wasn’t going to be there anymore.  This really upset my father because he had urged his men to support this with their hard earned money.  And they had because they always followed my father and his union promotions.  

After that, I never heard about the retirement home again.  And I never knew of anyone being punished for taking all that hard earned saved up money either.  

As for Wisconsin.  I think the teachers should pay their fair share of their pensions and health care and get back to work.  The ones who are suffering are the children who are not being taught.  But then, I don’t think any of the teachers have bothered to think about that.  They are too busy shouting and screaming and camping out in the state capitol and probably singing around a campfire somewhere.  Enough!  Get real.  Pay your fair share and get on with your life so everyone else can do the same.  It is time everyone owned up to their individual responsibilities including the teachers in Wisconsin.  

As for the Democratic Senators, what else can you expect.  Just look around at the Democrat’s track record and you will see easily what they are and how they try to monopolize all situations.  Another junior high, yukkity yuk stupid joke.  Wake up.  Smell the flowers.  Get to work and do your job.  It’s past time!



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