27 02 2011

It is constantly amazing to me how those Democrats can take a subject, turn it around and make it into an entirely different story.  Doesn’t have to even resemble the truth either.  They are happy with it regardless.

I was reading a column in my local paper written by a definite Democrat.  First thing he talked about was the fact that the Republicans were going to shut down the government.  Now, it seems to me that the Republicans have offered to work with those Democrats in a fiscally conservative way and the Democrats have refused.  Next item, he says the President and Democrat led Senate have indicated that the cuts are just too much, too fast, and jeopardizes the nation’s upward economic swing.  What upward economic swing.    What difference does it make it the cuts are too much or too fast.  They need to be made.  Sooner the better. 

He then  blames the last administration for the fact that they cut taxes and spent.  If I remember right, the taxes they cut stimulated the economy quite a lot.  Still had plenty of jobs, too.  And then he is blaming the Republicans because they have not created any new jobs yet.  Well, shame on them.  They have been in office about two months and have been haggling with the Democrats the whole time.   This columnist also tells how during the Bush administration, we were forced into high unemployment and a near depression.  Funny, but I don’t remember any of that.  Guess you have to be a Democrat to remember that one. The Democrats still think they are running the whole show and are not going to let the country grow, so here we are, as usual.  You might remember George Bush Sr. asking that the Democrats not maintain gridlock.  But they did anyway.  Then they did the same thing to  George W.  and that is why we had the slowdown and near depression we had at the time.  And those Democrats did it all while maintaining their same junior high yukking style, like the country boy putting one over on the city slicker.  Oh, how funny they are!  

And I remember George W. asking for the oil fields to be opened and drilling to begin.  But again, this was stopped before it ever got off the ground.  Democrats won again. Protect that environment even though it costs every American.  You can see that by the oil prices on today’s market.  And on top of that, we were to spend more money on ways to keep our country safe from that imaginary global warming.  Makes sense to me.  Of course it does.  Couldn’t drill in Alaska because of the bears.  Couldn’t drill anywhere else either because they always have a reason.  

And then the Democrat  tirade finishes by talking about the poor who will be deprived if the cuts proposed by the GOP go into effect.  Like the Wisconsin scenario where those who are getting all the perks are screaming on the television sets because their Governor is asking them to make fair concessions.  And I noticed the big signs that say Tax the Rich.    And when those so-called Rich are taxed until they have no more money, who is going to pay the next tax.  Has anyone ever thought about that?  

It is time we had a little common sense in this country.  I have seen these entitlements grow and grow some more over the years.  Ever since the Democrats ruled when the country was going crazy in the early 60’s, we have had nothing but entitlements for everyone for everything.  It is time for people to be responsible for themselves and their own welfare.  Quit paying for everything for everyone.  Time people paid for their own perks.  Time to get back to normal in this country.

Time for the Democrats to quit making up stuff, go to work,  and get on with the real life.  Like the Republicans are trying to do.  




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