25 02 2011

I think I was born wanting to be a Catholic.  I know it was always on my mind, even when I was very small.  I  had never met anyone I thought was a Catholic.  I was a typical happy child, playing outside with my friends all the time.  But I was always thinking about things.  One of my friends said it seemed to her that I thought too much for a child.  May be.  But this is the way i was.

I had never been inside a Catholic Church and did not even know what Catholics did or why.  I just simply always wanted to be a Catholic.  I didn’t work at this or do anything about this thought.  It just was always there in the back of my mind.  

I grew up going to a mainstream Protestant Church, attending Sunday School almost every Sunday and then staying for Church.  Neighbors took us children to church as my parents did not go at that time.  This was because my father worked almost all night and had to sleep late in the mornings, so Mother made sure we were ready to go when the neighbors came to pick us up.  When my father eventually got a day job, they attended Church every Sunday.

As I grew up, there were things in the Protestant Church that I did not really like much. For instance, I tried to talk to one of the young, pretty Sunday School teachers before class one Sunday morning and she shushed me and pushed me away.  I did not think that was really the way it was supposed to be, especially not at Sunday School.  And then as I grew, I noticed that people always congregated in groups and shunned some of the other people.  They also talked about others and laughed at them sometimes.  I  did not like any of this behavior.  I wasn’t old enough to do anything about it, but I knew enough to know it wasn’t right.

I eventually married a Catholic.  But I still did not join the Church.   When our son was born later, I still was not sure about this Catholic thing.  I had signed the papers at that time saying I would raise my children as Catholic, but was not sure I wanted to do this.  So I thought I would just see how serious my husband was about this whole religious thing.  He always attended Mass every Sunday.  I had asked him to invite me to go with him, but he had refused and said that if I wanted to go, I could.  It was up to me.  This turned me off and I would not go.  

So, one day, he was holding the baby while we were eating dinner.  As I cleared the table, I said casually, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to raise this baby as a Catholic or not’.Well, should not have said that one.  He slammed his fist on the table and said, ‘You most certainly will’.  And that was the end of that conversation.  

I had found out what I wanted to know.  Catholic meant a lot to him and our children would be Catholic.  So I went and took instructions and joined the Catholic Church.  I have always been so glad I did.  It took me a long time to fully understand Catholicism and I still don’t know a lot of things.  But I really, truly believe Jesus is present in the Most Holy Eucharist.  I go to visit with Him every day.  The way I look at it is that Jesus gives me stuff every single day of my life.  He gives me the air I breathe, all the necessities of my life, and this wonderful family, just for starters.  The least I can do is  go by and  thank Him every single day of my life.   And I will continue to do this all the days that I can.  I appreciate all that He gives to me and I want to thank Him.   He is there and He is always waiting.  For even that, I say Thank You.



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