23 02 2011

I have been reading about and listening to discussions about the Electoral College lately.  Some people want to do away with this form of electing our President.  After thinking about it and studying for some time, I think I agree with this.  The Electoral College was established back when it was virtually impossible to tally the popular votes.  Therefore the Electoral College represented the votes state by state and this was the way the President was elected.  This method worked great for many, many years and no one ever even thought about changing it.

However, when Bill Clinton was elected President within a matter of a few hours, it was quite a surprise to everyone.  I kept wondering why Bill Clinton had campaigned in the northeastern states all the time.  What was so important there?  No other candidate had ever done that so much before.  And guess what – when the Electoral votes were counted, Bill Clinton had won the Presidency quicker than anyone else ever had.  By having the most Electoral College votes.  Those were obtained by winning those northeastern states, hands down.  He was announced the winner on the television stations before California had even closed its voting polls.  What a coincidence!  

But then, nothing is sacred anymore.  Anyone can do anything when and if they so please.  Winning is the most important issue.  Not how or why they won, but the winning itself.   If I remember right, it used to be said that it was ‘not if you win or lose, but how you play the game.’  That went out the window some time ago. 

In thinking about all this, I remembered that McCain had the majority of  popular votes all the way across the country.  And yet, Obama became our President.   Because he had the most Electoral College votes.  Did not matter that most of his votes came from the inner cities where people live on government subsidies.   The Electoral College didn’t even notice any of that.  Obama just simply got the Electoral College votes and this was all that mattered.  Obviously.

I’m sure if McCain had won as he should have, we would not be in the mess we are in today in this country.  So think about the Electoral College.  Study up on it a little bit and learn more.  Then make up your own mind what you think should be done.  Should the Electoral College form of voting be thrown out?  Is it time to go for the popular vote?  I think it is.  What do you think? 

Maybe then we could get back to the ‘it’s how you play the game.’  It’s past time for that one!