21 02 2011

I have talked of going to the nearest Catholic Church and visiting with Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist. I have suggested in a couple of  blogs that people should do that.  But I thought maybe I should say why I believe in this so strongly.

I was having an awful life for awhile.  My husband was a terrible alcoholic.  No bills were being paid.  I had 5 young children and no means of adding any income.  I also had a handicapped child in the middle of all this.  Something had to be done!  And I couldn’t do anything except wait.   So I started going to visit with Jesus every single day.  I would pile all those kids in the car and go by the Catholic Church for only a few minutes at a time.  This was all the time I had to spare.  If we had to run errands of any kind, we went by the Church first.  I sat in the pew and thanked Jesus for all that He had given to me.  For the fact that all these kids were healthy.  And for the fact that we had enough food for dinner that night.  And then I told Him whatever was on my mind that day.  Maybe I needed to buy something for the kids, or needed more groceries, or whatever it might be that horrible day.  

I came to feel that Jesus was waiting for us to come every day.  Hardly anyone else even bothered to come by and say hello.  Jesus must be very lonely.  He gives all this stuff to mankind and hardly anyone thinks to come back and say thank you.  So I came to realize that maybe it was important that I come by.  I continued to do that every day that it was humanly possible.  Things got much better in my life over time.  Eventually, we had a very good life.  

I continued for years and years to go by every day and visit with Jesus and say thank you for all that I received every day.  I still continue to do this.  I think it has probably been about 47 years now that I have been visiting with Jesus every day.  I hope He has been pleased.



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