20 02 2011

I hear of people who are begging for help in their own way.  Depression, illness, economic problems, job problems, whatever.  Seems everyone has a problem or two these days.  Guess they always have.  But some of the problems are more serious than others.  And people seem to be having more problems at younger ages than before.  

What people don’t seem to understand is that sometimes their problems are simply that they are looking for peace.  Peace in their lives, peace in their homes, peace in their families, peace in their jobs, and  peace in their illnesses.  This is not the usual form of stress that you hear so much about.  This is the deep down desire for something that cannot be obtained by reading a good book or turning on the tv.  It is far deeper than that.

Right now, I have a friend who is deeply depressed.  She doesn’t understand that her whole being is simply looking for a release from the problems she faces each and every day.  Her soul is trying to find a peace where it can rest.  I have urged her to go to the Catholic Church and visit with Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist.  Such a peace can be found there.  I tell her to just simply go and sit and talk to Jesus.  Tell Him what her problems are.  Tell Him how tired she is and how much she tries and can never seem to get ahead.  And how she doesn’t feel well at all these days and needs to talk to someone about something, everything, all this stuff.  And yet she really has nothing to tell about anyway.  But every day it is harder to get up and go.  Every day it is more difficult to be that someone everyone expects her to be.  The nice person at the desk, the good mother, the great wife, the friend who is always there.  Everyone seems to want a piece of her life.  And she has always done this before.  But it harder now. 

She needs something  and cannot seem to find it no matter where she looks, no matter how hard she tries.  So again, I tell her, go to Jesus.  Go to the nearby Catholic Church.  Sit down in the pew and tell Jesus what is on her mind.  Or tell Him nothing.  He knows anyway.  Just go make that visit.  And then go back again every chance she gets.  She will soon find that peace she is looking for.  She will soon notice that she becomes again that nice person at the desk, the good mother, the great wife, and the friend to all.

She will find her true peace.  Her soul can then rest for awhile.  What a blessing that is.