15 02 2011

When I got the last load of laundry out of the dryer this afternoon, I started laughing to myself about an article I had read.  It was a very serious  ‘helpful hint’   article telling how to save money on utilities.  Of course, it listed the usual things such as wash in cold water as often as possible.  And don’t hot dry your dishes, etc.  But then, the last hint said ‘Always use a hot dryer.’  Now, I know my dryer is HOT.  No doubt about that one.  But how to keep the dryer always HOT was the problem.  

With four teens and a couple of younger ones in the house, I washed about 5 loads per day. On Monday, I washed 8 loads because I did not wash on Sundays.  Some of those Sunday  clothes had to be dry cleaned instead of washed which explains the 8 loads instead of 10 for that day. For some reason, all those teens thought they were supposed to take at least one shower per day.  And they insisted upon changing their clothes at least once a day, too.  I never had the heart to tell them any different.  Our younger ones had to be washed down periodically also.  

I tried to keep that HOT dryer running.  But sometimes, it just wasn’t possible.  I had a habit of being through with the laundry by 3 in the afternoon when everyone started coming in from school.  That way, they could find their clean clothes for the next time.  That wasn’t too hard to do since the machines did all the work.  I just filled them up now and then.  But it still bugged me about that HOT dryer and how to keep it HOT so I could save money on the utility bills.  

Guess I could run the dryer all night. But then I couldn’t see how that would help on the bills very much.  I could imagine that meter going round and round and round outside my house.  Probably start whistling in the middle of the night, too.  Might make the neighbors wonder about me even more than they did now.  Maybe I can call the electric company and ask about this profound advice.  Then they can wonder about me, too.  

 Meanwhile, guess I’ll just have to pay that utility bill every month until I figure out how to keep my HOT dryer HOT.  But it gives me something to laugh about when I open that dryer and  all those clothes fall out onto the floor.

 I know what – this is what it means to Have a Nice Day!  Or another fun day.  Or – oh well, you know – another one of those days!  But at least I have a HOT dryer – sometimes.



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