3 02 2011

I guess today you were sitting in your deck chair, iced tea in hand, reading a good novel and enjoying the tremendous amount of sunshine.  Right?  Of course you were.  And I’m sure you were wearing your bikini in order to get a head start on that beautiful tan for the summer.  And after reading for awhile, you will work in the flower bed while still getting even more sunshine.  Be sure and wear your sunglasses so the bright sun won’t hurt your eyes.

That is the scenario from The Global Warming Gurus.  Whoever they are.  I think I heard on the TV that Greenland just floated down the Mississippi, too.  You know it was melting in a hurry a couple of years ago and was going to come this way soon.  Probably because of the car I drive.  I have driven big cars for most of my life, ever since I finally learned how to drive.  I drove Suburbans for many years, hauling all those kids around in carpools here, there and everywhere.  That was a way of life for me.  Probably had about 5 different Suburbans.  Then I went to the smaller  SUV’s and still drive them and am proud to do so.  I love the big car feel in case of an accident.  And I enjoy sitting up high where I can see better and dare those other drivers to get in front of me.  That is due to that feeling of superiority in that big car.  Suits me fine.

When the snow melts down enough, find your deck chair and your bikini and get on with that tan.  Meanwhile, we’ll watch to see what those Global Warming Gurus have to say about this winter.  I’ll bet they don’t have much to tell the people in south Texas and Dallas and Mississippi and Alabama who normally see a few flakes every year.  Dallas was stopped cold on Monday because of the ice and snow.  And only 23 degrees today.  Even Kansas City was stopped cold with 12″ on Monday. 

We are expecting snow showers this evening and all day tomorrow.  And you know what that means – means the weather man doesn’t know what in the heck to expect next.  If we want to know more about what to expect in the weather this winter, maybe there should be a national number to contact the Global Warming Gurus.  Then we could all have an accurate update, hour by hour.  Sounds good to me.  We will have to promote that one.

Have a fun day playing in the snow.  Can’t do much else anyway.




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