27 01 2011

I’m glad I have learned how to laugh.  If not, I would be crazy, that’s for sure.  Several years ago, I had snakes in my house.  That is enough to make you sit up and take notice.  First time, I came down my stairs and there, curled up at the bottom of the stairs was a snake with head raised.  If I had not seen him, I would surely have been bitten.  No doubt about that one.  But as it was, I skirted myself around him and cautioned my daughter not to move.  I hurried out the door to the garage, grabbed a shovel and came back and smacked him good.  Then I shoveled him up and threw him outside.  I have heard it said that if a dead snake is around, other snakes will not come around.  So I left him on the deck and forgot about it.   But just in case, I put the shovel in the closet inside the house.  Wouldn’t hurt to have it handy, just in case. 

About a week later, I came downstairs again and there was another one, looking just the same, all curled up and waiting for me.  Definitely scared me again.   I hurried to the closet, grabbed the shovel and smacked that one, too.  Now, I was really concerned.  It was possible that the first snake had managed to get in through a door somewhere, but two snakes would not have done that.  So that meant I had an access to my house for all snakes and didn’t know where that was.  

I began looking around every drain and pipe I could think of.  After awhile, I remembered there had been a pipe under the house and, at one time, the floor had been lifted around that pipe.  So, sure enough, I found the place where the pipe had been and I could easily lift the floor off the pipe.  I called my son and he brought something out to permanently close off the pipe and seal the area around it.  

That night, I was awakened by a sound I never expected to hear in my house.  It was a rattlesnake, rattling as much as possible.  I lay in the bed thinking to myself that he could not possibly have come upstairs.  So I was hearing him somewhere else.  I got out of bed and began searching for the sound.  The loudest place was in the shower.   So guess the rattlesnake had found the pipe and was making noises about it all.  But I knew he could not possibly get into the house.  It took me awhile but I did manage to get back to sleep that night.   After that, I had a plumber close off the pipe where it entered the house.  I didn’t want to wake up and hear any more rattlesnakes, whether they could get in or not.

Then today, I walked into a downstairs room and there was something skinny, brown, and curled up on the floor, looking just like a snake.  I was instantly afraid, but noticed that the form did not move when I did.  So I turned on more lights and started to go find something to poke it with.  Then I realized that I had been working on some old papers earlier and was wrapping rubber bands around them.  I wrapped one of the rubber bands and it broke and flipped through the air.  I was busy so I didn’t try to find the rubber band at the time.  And now here it was, all curled up and skinny and brown on the  floor in front of me.  

So you see, I have something to laugh at once again.  I might be half crazy by now, but  one thing for sure, I’m never bored.