25 01 2011

It’s pretty cold here tonight and I was just thinking to myself about other cold days.  When I was a child, our house at #2503 was very cold.  That was before any floor furnaces or central heating systems.  My mother got up every morning and hurried into our bedroom to light the gas stove at the bottom of our bed.  My sister and I didn’t dare put our feet on the floor until that floor had heated up just a little bit.  Mother then turned on other gas stoves in the house including the one in the kitchen.  She didn’t leave that one on for long, just long enough to heat the room while she cooked our breakfast.  

My grandmother lived with us – because as my dad said – where else could she live.  He was her only relative so he had to take care of her.  But she was a very dear person and we all loved her a lot.  On these very cold nights, she would heat an ordinary brick in the gas oven in the kitchen.  When the brick was warmed just right, she would wrap it in a heavy towel and come carrying it to the bedroom where we were all snuggled in bed.  Then she would lift the covers at the foot of the bed and slip the heated covered brick in until it just touched our feet.  Oh, that felt wonderful.  It was so warm against my cold toes.  I can remember it to this day.  

If you like a humorous, interesting, historical  book, try mine entitled #2503.  You will thoroughly enjoy it.  I don’t tell this particular story, but there are a lot of others.   You can order from me at  booksbybet, P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018   or through Amazon.  $10.95 per copy.   I gladly accept paypal, checks, and money orders.   Thanks, Bet



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