24 01 2011

Someone told me recently that I always find something to laugh at.  Even in tough times, there is always something better to do than sit around with a long face and a crummy attitude.   So over the years, I have learned how to laugh, mostly at myself.  

For instance, when I was a young mother, I was so proud that I taught myself to make good cakes from scratch.  My young son always pulled a chair up to the counter and would ‘help’ me.  So when it was his 5th birthday, I asked him what kind of cake did he want.  I was, of course, thinking he would want one of my delicious made from scratch wonders.  He stood tall before me and proudly announced  ‘I want a Pillsbury Chocolate Cake’.  So much for that!  Every time I think of that instance, I still laugh.  

A couple of years ago, I was looking through an old  catalog.  I had been thinking of buying a particular raincoat.  I really needed one, but was just too stingy to let go of the money to buy it.  So every time it rained, I looked at the catalog once again.  This time, I was going to make myself purchase that raincoat!  But when I turned to the page showing the raincoat, the total price including shipping was penciled in at the bottom of the page.  I thought to myself that was sure funny as I wouldn’t know that price unless I had already bought the coat.  Sure enough, I checked in a remote closet and there was the raincoat hanging there, tags and all.  Guess I had already bought it but didn’t remember receiving it.  When my husband came in later, I asked him if he had seen it before and he said, he had hung it up for me when it came in the mail.  And, he added, he had already paid the bill, too. So that is another thing to laugh about now and then.  I just have all sorts of things that I can remember and laugh about, particularly on long dreary days.  

It is wonderful to laugh, especially at myself.  Makes me feel good all over.  Try it.   Look at the funny side.   Great for having a nice day!



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