22 01 2011

I have been hearing various comments lately about how Americans seem to have lost their manners.  This is definitely true.  It has always been up to the mother while raising her children to teach them manners in the home.  This has been the norm forever.  And now, there are whole generations who have no manners at all and do not even know the manners are missing.   I guess it is because their mothers are missing.  What a shame!

Manners are a sign of civility.  We all hear a lot about civility.  But it is usually regarding race or religions.  Well, I’m here to tell you that manners is where civility starts.  Just go to the local post office and notice the people there.  No one ever says thank you when you hold the door for them.  They never say please when they are buying something.  They never say excuse me when they almost run over you as you try to walk through the building.  It is absolutely and positively ridiculous that all these grown up people still don’t know the very basics of normal life.   Even the morning TV shows used to teach this to children.  I guess they don’t do that anymore either.  

I always taught my children to say please if they asked for something.  And I definitely taught them to say thank you whenever they received something.  Nowadays, no one ever says thank you.  I’m totally surprised that they don’t say – hey you owed me that.  I’m expecting that one any day now.

And the words excuse me when they almost run over someone would be nice to hear.  But they probably never heard them in their lives anyway. 

I hold the door for people half my age and they just walk through as though I’m invisible.  Makes me want to hit them in the backside with the door or scream out ‘thank you’ to them as they pass me.  But they wouldn’t understand if I did any of that.  They are completely oblivious to the feelings of other people.  Guess that’s what is meant by the ‘me generation’.  

A lady this morning opened the door of the post office knowing I was right behind her.  She let the door shut in front of me and never turned to see if I had made it in or not.  This is reprehensible behavior.  

Maybe if some of those mothers would stay home and care for their children and actually teach them manners, it would help with the civility of this generation.  I can only hope. 




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