20 01 2011

Well, I noticed in the newspaper and on all the TV stations that Obama welcomed the Chinese to our country.  Is he now going to move them into the spare bedroom?  Just wrote a blog a few days ago about how I won’t buy Chinese products anymore because they ain’t no good.  So here they come.  Advertising in Times Square, pushing for everything they can.  Making you want their art and their music and their way of life.  Don’t think so.  

Watch out!  They have already taken over a lot of our production.  Used to be, we Americans made our own stuff and were proud of what we made.  Then Japan came along and everything for sale said ‘made in Japan’ for years and years.  Now, everything says ‘made in China’.  Watch your back!  Soon, they will have moved into that spare bedroom and nothing will be ours anymore.  

Just read an email that told about how the light bulbs currently being made in China and sold in lots of stores here, will catch on fire, spitting actual fire out of the bottom.  The email recommended that no one ever buy a light bulb from China again.  Is the cheaper price of the light bulb worth burning your house down?  Not mine.  I will make a point of never buying light bulbs manufactured in China again.  In fact, I have already said I will not buy products manufactured in China again. 

I’m sure they are nice people but I don’t want them living in my spare bedroom.  Do you?



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