19 01 2011

I’ve finally got This Exercise Thing figured out.  It really isn’t too hard to do after thinking about it.  

Push ups – that’s when I try to push myself up off the floor after cleaning the bathtub and the toilet

Lunge – that’s what I do after I push myself up off the floor.  I lunge towards the basin so I can clean it

Squats – I do squats while looking for the missing socks under the bed.  Need that sock before I wash the load of clothes this morning

Kicks – kicks are necessary sometimes to catch the clothes as they fall out of the dryer when I am folding a load of clothes.  Occasionally  I do kicks when shutting the refrigerator door or the dishwasher.  

This Exercise Thing is a snap.  I’ve been doing these exercises for most of my life.  Guess that’s why I look so young.  Now if I just had a list of exercises for those wrinkles.  But I guess you can’t have everything.




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