17 01 2011

We went on a cruise a couple of years ago.  We checked in at the desk and were escorted to the lobby of the ship.  Everyone else was escorted to the lobby of the ship, too.  People were sitting on every available chair, couch, and  table.   We stood over beside the door and waited our turn to be shown to our room.  As is always the case in this sort of situation, everyone was sizing everyone else up.  Just looking at each other. Not smiling nor waving nor speaking.  Just watching with a dead pan expression on their faces.   So I was just standing there observing and being Miss Cool. 

After we had waited a few minutes watching all the other people as they were watching us, I  felt a THUMP!  on my foot.  I looked down and my new, special just- bought -for -cruise- purse was sitting on top of my foot.  The strap on the shoulder purse had broken and the purse had fallen down on my foot.  I looked down at my purse and then I looked up at everyone else in the room.  No one had changed expressions.  All still had the same dead pan expressions.

So, continuing to be Miss Cool, I barely bent down and retrieved my purse.  I tucked it under my arm and then, still being Miss Cool, continued to stand there observing everyone else while they observed me.  I was determined not to laugh, although my insides were bursting at the seams.  

I’m not sure anyone else noticed.  But I knew I was really, really Miss Cool on that day.