15 01 2011

Got a note today in the mail saying that my hearing aid batteries were changed to ‘green’ ones that have no mercury in them.  Didn’t know they  had any mercury in them anyway.  And, of course, these new ‘green’ ones will cost twice as much as the original ones did.  Going Green?  Not Me! 

I have been listening to these green people since forever.  In the late 50’s and early 60’s, they were hollering loud and clear about the so-called Population Explosion that was going to cover the earth.  We would all have only one square foot  in which to stand by the year 2000.  I have all the room I need all the time.  How about you?  And here it is way past 2000.  But that rhetoric changed the world.  Everyone stopped having nice large families and went to killing the babies.  Progress?  Going green?  Not me!

Then that same group told all the young women how important they really were and if they would just go to work, they could have this wonderful, fulfilled life. All families would do much better economically, too, with two paychecks in the house.  The result of that has been to dump all the children in the daycares and have mothers feel obligated to go to work.  Mothers must feel guilty if they want to stay home and care for their own children.  Also, everything costs twice as much as it did when there was only one paycheck in the house.  Progress?  Again, it’s that Going Green crowd.  Not me!

Next it was driving 55 miles per hour to save us all a lot of gasoline.  Don’t think that one did much either.  If you go 55 miles per hour on the highways, you are going to get smashed.  Just try it.  A man approached me recently and asked if I felt guilty for driving an SUV.  I told him I certainly did not.  He said I should as I was ruining the earth.  I noted he was driving a pickup truck and hauling a house trailer.  Same rhetoric, same old stories. Same old progress. Same crowd.  They can Go Green.  I’m not!

I don’t know why these people think they have to save the world.  It is God’s world.  He made it.  He will take care of it.  We don’t need to do anything special.  Just live normal, responsible lives.  But the green people keep on screaming about everything.  Global warming,  no water, polluted air, no minerals for us to use.  There is plenty of water and air and minerals and everything else we need.  God will take care of all of that.  He knows how to do it best.  Let Him take care of all of it.  It is His earth.  Not ours.  He knows how to run it best.  He doesn’t even need a committee or a hearing to do it either.  

Going Green?   Not Me!!!!!