13 01 2011

I notice that when the shooting occurred in Arizona, everything imaginable was blamed.  It was the guns.  Then it was the political rhetoric.  Next it is the media.  Then it is the culture.  And of course it was also said that everyone should have been on top of this.  All agencies should have known this man was going to do this dastardly act at exactly this particular time.  Shame, shame on everyone.  It is everyone’s fault except the man who did this.  

Wake up everybody!  It is this man’s fault and no one else’s.  He is the one who did all this.  No one made him buy the gun.  No one made him buy the bullets.  No one made him write his farewell note.  No one made him take the taxi to the parking lot.  No one made him move up close to the target.  No one made him load his gun.  No one made him do any of this.  He did it all by himself.  He is the one who is guilty!  Put the blame where it belongs. 

The gun is not to blame.  The political rhetoric is not to blame.  The media is not to blame.  And the culture is certainly not to blame.  No one could have or should have known what this young man was going to do that day.    It is not our place to know all about everyone else.  

That is like blaming the getaway car after someone robs the local bank.   No one else is to blame.  Whoever committed an act of violence is the one to blame. 

We are all very sorry for what happened.  But it is time to start putting the blame where it belongs in every instance.  Put the blame on  the person who committed the crime,  no matter what that crime might be.  

Then we will have some true justice.